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This gorgeous Atlas grey 2010 997S came into us for an entire make-over including the SharkWerks & Tubi exhaust, EVOMSit tuning, RSS & TechArt suspension components, GiroDisc rotors and a set of CEC c882 light-weight wheels. The goal was a daily driver with some regular track duty...

In she comes for surgery...

A few of the goodies waiting to be installed, including the RSS front and rear sway bar kit (50% stiffer), TechArt 20mm lowering springs and Shark Werks exhaust:

Here's the heavier stock side muffler vs the incoming lighter-weight Tubi:

The SharkWerks and Tubi exhaust installed together:

Here's a video showing the Tubi on another car:
Porsche 2009 997C4S With Tubi Exhaust SharkWerks - YouTube

Meanwhile back in the Lab, the brain is given a 91 octane EVOMSit powered tune for more HP and better response:

The mushy rear feel from the stock neoprene bushings is combated with a set of the adjustable RSS dog bones and Toe-steer kit armed with solid monoballs.

The front springs installed (20mm lowering all the way around):

Installing the CEC 882 light-weight forged 19 inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires:

And the rears...

Great stance:

For more consistent braking at the track we replaced the factory rotors with two-piece slotted Girodiscs for the front and rear:

We also added front and rear stainless steel braided brake lines:

Lowered, lightened, tightened, amplified and ready to go hit Laguna Seca and/or some canyons:

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