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2009 Honda Ruckus
735 miles

Password JDM frame extension
Password JDM swing arm extension
Password JDM lower seat frame
Password JDM footpegs
Password JDM shim kit
Password JDM Ghost radiator cover (japan rising sun)
Password JDM underseat taillight (uses a tallight from an R1)
NCY rear shock
NCY gas tank cover
NCY foot rest / frame support with silver pegs
BlkMrkt Bada Boom handlebars
Kijima kickstand
Kijima clear turn signals
Yoshimura stainless steel TRC exhaust
Posh CDI (10,500)
Polini roller weights
Polini variator
Koso side mirror
Speedometer integrated into the battery box
Polini race belt

Runs great! Recently re-jetted for the summer weather, and will include a full jet kit. Hits 45 - 47 mph pretty easily and idles just like stock.

$2500 picked up in Boston.


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if you closer I will be all over these. good luck on the sale

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Just FYI, guys - this is a 49cc motor, so in many cities (Boston included), you don't need a motorcycle license, insurance, or registration. In fact, I can park it on the sidewalks here! It's definitely the best way to get downtown if you live in the suburbs.
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