2 of 5 Zonda Cinque delivered in Beijing China

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These two Zonda Cinque will be parked side by side in a garage next to the other 16 exotics all owned by two brothers.
Sticker price for each Cinque is $5,000,000 USD in China

Here is a video, but with Chinese subtitles

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Lets just post about the cars.. I would be hella sad if this got closed because of BS. :(
It's cool to voice your opinion but being rude is another thing. There has been a lot of h8 on the 4 lately about wealthy people yound and old having more than others. That is not what we are about and one of the main reasons some searious ballers have come here to share pics of their toys with us and share their experiences of driving these beauties with us. Let's jus say that "spoled brat 21 year old Saudi kid" came on the 4 and saw what everyone was saying. He left. I sure hope he sees this and sees that some of us enjoy the posts and enjoy seeing pics of their beautiful cars instead of h8ing. :bow1:
I was thinking the same thing lately. Everyone has their own view points and this arguing used to never happen on the 4 but with growth it has came and makes me not want to comment on things as someone might blow up
My apologies. Seems I have a knack for saying things that get some people excited, and take what I say out of context. But back on topic of the thread, I would have to say that the zonda is one of my favorite exotic cars, because you dont see many of them on the roads. Ferrari and Lambo's are nice, but much more commonly spotted.
I'm sorry for causing all this bullshit I should have just kept my mouth shut and not say anything, but it's hard to cause I have friends that have had it good their entire lives and they are far from being ungrateful jerks and when ever I see someone making unnecessary comments about someone they don't know that happens to have it good it really pisses me off.
Does anyone know what the FFF on the side stands for?
I know these two guys and I know the fact that the cars were gift from their father before he passed away. Guess I leaked too much detail into this post.
Amazing. Stop hating. 18 is an amazing numbers. I would love 9 lambos and 8 ferraris with 1 bugatti. Ill be set.
The answer to the question; "What do they do?", is...they make every that says "Made in China." Jokes aside, epic cars, they own 2 of 5, where's the other 3 going?!
Does anyone know what the FFF on the side stands for?

FFF Automobile. The dealership helped ordered the car.
Does anyone know what the FFF on the side stands for?
full fledged fkn car Porn? :lol:
Let the hate end here, there is many very young members here with amazing cars, with amazing love for cars. Honestly if I can someday I would love to spoil my kid and I wish I was spoiled, why not. If you got it be responsible and enjoy your wealth how ever you desire. If you dont agree then read, shake your head, and move on. More power to them.
amazing cars!!

good for them
video added!!! Listen to that car growl is the best thing in the world!
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing.
NP. If you understand Chinese that video would be much more entertaining :lol:
2 Cinques.....That is just effing rad!!!!
Thats really cool how two brothers managed to get identical Zondas, let alone Zondas that are limited to a production of only 5 cars!
Awesome cars! It's pretty damn cool that 2 brothers can share their passion together!
If I had that paper.....I'd have bought my kids 1-5 just so no one else had any :)
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