2 of 5 Zonda Cinque delivered in Beijing China

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These two Zonda Cinque will be parked side by side in a garage next to the other 16 exotics all owned by two brothers.
Sticker price for each Cinque is $5,000,000 USD in China

Here is a video, but with Chinese subtitles

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^ :)

"Here you go son, happy birthday!. Drive safe." haha. Spoiled lil brats!
Why is it when someone gets something nice there are always a few assholes that find it necessary to hate on people that they don't even know? how the hell do you know that their dad bought it? and even if he did who cares, it doesn't mean their jerks like everyone thinks. And I'm pretty damn sure that if you 2 had kids and had a good amount of money you'd do the same thing for them.
First of all, I don't hate anybody.

I dont. I was responding the the comment from another poster.

No, actually I wouldn't. There are few things I dislike more than seeing some spoiled, ungrateful kid get everything under the sun, never once say "Thank You" ,and are never happy with all the shit they have in their life. I can say this, because there are plenty of people in my family with this attitude and it drives me up the wall.

The point is this:
1. If their dad bought them all those cars, then they're spoiled, and their dad's probably trying to buy their love. Sad.

2. If they started a business, and honestly earned all those cars, then thats awesome, and I respect them for it, and hope that one day I can be in their shoes.

So by your logic a parent that has money shouldn't buy their kids any nice things and if the kids ask for anything nice that makes automatically makes them spoiled brats, and if the parents do buy the kids whatever it is they want they become bad parents that are trying to buy their kids love. Wow I feel sorry for your kids if you ever have any and have a nice amount of money.
I'm sorry for causing all this bullshit I should have just kept my mouth shut and not say anything, but it's hard to cause I have friends that have had it good their entire lives and they are far from being ungrateful jerks and when ever I see someone making unnecessary comments about someone they don't know that happens to have it good it really pisses me off.
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