2 of 5 Zonda Cinque delivered in Beijing China

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These two Zonda Cinque will be parked side by side in a garage next to the other 16 exotics all owned by two brothers.
Sticker price for each Cinque is $5,000,000 USD in China

Here is a video, but with Chinese subtitles

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Wrong question. You should ask "what does their daddy do?"
Envy is a terrible thing. Anything educated behind that post or just jealousy seeping through?

Why is it when someone gets something nice there are always a few assholes that find it necessary to hate on people that they don't even know? how the hell do you know that their dad bought it? and even if he did who cares, it doesn't mean their jerks like everyone thinks. And I'm pretty damn sure that if you 2 had kids and had a good amount of money you'd do the same thing for them.
x2 on this. That is just ignorant, people being dicks because somebody chose to pursue something with more drive or in an alternative industry is no means to throw insults. Shame. I'd love to have a car even close to that caliber before I'm 30, will it happen? Maybe, but I'll definitely be trying!
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