2 of 5 Zonda Cinque delivered in Beijing China

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These two Zonda Cinque will be parked side by side in a garage next to the other 16 exotics all owned by two brothers.
Sticker price for each Cinque is $5,000,000 USD in China

Here is a video, but with Chinese subtitles

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Omg those paginis are so nice, looks such a nice garage too with a few other exotics!
18 in total to be exact. each brother owns 9
Do you know them in person?
I don't, but now I would want to know them in person, so that I can get behind the wheels of their spare exotics while they are driving the Zonda
^ :)

"Here you go son, happy birthday!. Drive safe." haha. Spoiled lil brats!
Exactly!! and now you can guess their age by counting how many cars they each own
I know these two guys and I know the fact that the cars were gift from their father before he passed away. Guess I leaked too much detail into this post.
Does anyone know what the FFF on the side stands for?

FFF Automobile. The dealership helped ordered the car.
video added!!! Listen to that car growl is the best thing in the world!
Thanks for sharing.
NP. If you understand Chinese that video would be much more entertaining :lol:
1 - 8 of 43 Posts
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