2-door Porsche Cayenne MERDAD - video and picture inside

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During the Auto Trader Event I found this awesome looking 2 door Cayenne by the british tuner MERDAD.

Love the look on it, hope they will make a limited series of them, shame Porsche doesn't build a 2 door version directly.

What are your thoughts on this?

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No idea what MERDAD means, but it's the name of a British tuner that does this.

I actually think it looks really good, if there is a market for 2-door Cayenne's I am not sure, but I wish there would be more of them.
I believe here in the Middle East they would sell very well, but would that market be sufficient for a car manufacturer like Porsche to spend Millions in developing a 2 door version of the Cayenne, not sure.
Exactly, that's what I think too. The Cayenne looks great with 2 doors! ;-)
Disagree with your smilie, this car looks great! I think you don't like the Cayenne as 4 door, that's why you don't like the 2 door either.
Thanks for one who agrees with me. I can tell you, it does look great and the video quality should be good enough for everyone to judge.

1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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