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I am selling my 1955 Ford Thunderbird finished in Snowshoe White over a white and red interior this 1955 Ford Thunderbird is an older restoration that is a enjoyable and reliable driver. The car benefits from a number of recent maintenance items to keep in excellent running condition. The paint and interior are approximately 10 years old, and while not show car perfect, they are very presentable and perfect for a cruiser that you can drive and park anywhere.

Service items within the past two years include a rebuilt fuel system including a new gas tank and sending unit. The cooling system has been completely gone through and the radiator is a brand new unit with all new coolant hoses and a new thermostat. The car has been recently tuned up and the carburetor has been rebuilt. The ignition system has been upgraded with a Pertronix kit which replaced old points system and provides a much larger spark.

The car rides on four new tires and the suspension and brake systems were completely rebuilt from front to rear. The brake have all new shoes, drums, lines, and hardware kits. The suspension systems has new shocks, new springs and all new bushings. The car has been recently aligned and drives out wonderfully.

The car features a brand new wiring harness that replaced the original harness bringing the electrical system up to snuff. It’s all new and professionally installed and does not have any of the random splices and gnarly additions as seen on older harnesses. The radio is a brand new, but vintage looking digital radio that is programmable with your favorite stations. The wiper motor has even been replaced with a newer, electrical model replacing the unreliable vacuum units that these cars were built with.

I am looking to get $35,000, but I am open to offers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line or give me a ring. (314) 239-2408 or email me at [email protected]

Thanks for looking!

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