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NOS Energy Drinks presents Ultra Evolution Car Show Season Finale.
Sat Dec 18, 2010

Location: Peabody's Billiard 15333 Amberly Drive Tampa, FL 33647
Registration 11-1
Trophies 4pm

Instead of doing a standard raffle we will be doing "Willy Wonka" style raffle. This is ONLY for the first 50 pre registered cars!! We will be giving away bags like before however there will be a slip of paper saying that you have won a prize. However many prizes we have will be the amount of bags that will have these slip in there. Some may have a slip and some may not. If you dont have one in your bag then you didnt win.

There will also be Ultra shirts in the first 50 bags for paid / pre-registered cars !

We have made some changes to the classes. We are now only doing 1st and 2nd place in the classes which include:
Nissan / Infiniti
Mitsubishi sponsored by 1320 Engineering
Scion sponsored by Sun Scion
Toyota sponsored by Mad Hatter
Domestic sponsored by Cianfroccadetail & Jax Wax
Mazda sponsored by Street Unit

We have added New Categories as well (represented by *):
Best Car Club
Best Club Participation
Best Female* sponsored by Sun Toyota
Best Motor*
Best VIP*
Best Stance* sponsored by State Of Stance
Cleanest Ride* sponsored by Simply Clean
Best Wheel/Tire Combo* sponsored by Rent N Roll
Best of Show (5 FT Trophy)

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Ok guys here are some of the items that will be in the Swag Bag for being the 1st 50 to register:
Ultra T- Shirt ($15 value) which is 75% of your registration fee
Ultra Decal
Simply Clean Bumper stickers and die cuts
----We will be adding more items to this. As we get confirmation we will update you guys with this.

Some of the items you will be able to win in the "Willy Wonka" style raffle (right now have a 1 of 5 chance to win):
- 2 items from Jax Wax thanks to Cianfrocca Detailing
- Sony Head Unit speaker Combo package
- St Pete Auto Aid Detail Basket
- 2 $25 SSP Vinyl gift cards toward decals
- Simply Clean Swag Bag (includes t-shirt, die cuts and bumper stickers)
- Prosport Mech. Boost Gauge
- Prosport Fiberglass Heat Wrap
- Gift Card to Ivan's Paint and Body

We will continue to add items to this raffle increasing your chances to winning something. Remember in order to qualify for this you HAVE TO PRE REGISTER AND PAY FOR REGISTRATION. Your registration doesnt count unless you have paid prior to the day of show.

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More items for the 1st 50 registered cars will have:
2 week pass to Lifestyle Gym

More items for the "Willy Wonka" style Raffle:
1 - 3 month pass at Lifestyle Gym
5 - 1 month pass at Lifestyle Gym
2 - $25 gift card to Peabody's (that can be used the same day for Beer, Drinks or Food)
1 - $50 gift card for Boost Lab
2 - $25 gift cards for Boost Lab

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Hope to see everyone there. Event is TOMORROW SATURDAY !! Going to be a huge crowd so please arrive early to get best possible spot. Registered vehicles roll in at 11am sharp. Feel free to arrive early if you want.

Suggestions for a successful show at Ultra

1. CLEAN your car - a percentage of your score is how clean your ride is.
2. Arrive EARLY - to get best possible spot.
3. Arrive TOGETHER - if you want to park next to your friends / team members, no holding spaces as this event will fill up.
4. Bring some cash - for vendor / food items.
5. Bring your positive attitude !
6. Have a great time :)
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