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I have a 08 Matte black sti with 18,800 miles, fully built motor by forman performance in Costa Mesa and performance tuned by YIMI SPORT.

After market mods include:
SSR Type-F Wheels & Dunlop Z1 Tires - $3,600
BC Racing Coilovers - $1,000
MXP 3” TBE Exhaust - $1,750
Cobb AccessPort v2 - $650

Built EJ257 (STI) Short Block good for about 600whp with:

Valley Engine Custom Wet Sleeves (60 PSI capable) - $4000
Forged 99.5mm CP Pistons 9:1
CP Piston Coating
Eagle 600whp Rods
ACL Race Bearings
Polished Crank
ARP Head Studs

Dom 3 Turbo Kit:

Blouch Dominator 3.0r Turbo (8cm hotside, 3in inlet) - ($1,750)
Yimi Sport custom intake $250
DW 1000cc Injectors-forgot how much they cost I believe around $750
Walbro 255 Fuel pump /w replacement STI enclosure - $200
GrimmSpeed EBCS (Electronic Boost Controller) - $110
GrimmSpeed 44mm EWG Flanged Up-Pipe - $330
Tial 44mm EWG-$300
Grimmspeed Ported & Polished Intake Manifold - $340
Grimmspeed TGV Deletes - $320
Griffin TMIC 1000 CFM - $750
APS 3” Turbo Inlet Pipe - $300
ACT performance HD clutch and LWFW - $950

Labonte Meth KIT- $500 and change


Oil changed every 3k miles with motul

Tuned VERY conservatively at around 450awhp, I use it as a snowboard and mtn bike hauler so anything more than that is asking for trouble. Also brand new rear dunlop z1's less than 300 miles

To replicate this build including the price of this car it will cost you over $55,000.00.

Im asking $34,900.00 if you just total the parts up alone its some ridiculous amount of money well over $15k add another $3-4k for the engine labor and tuning and I have close to $20k into this car on top of the price of the vehicle. I have taken this car to mammoth, Yosemite and every other possible local mountain in California, it is 100% bullet proof. I will also throw in a new subaru roof rack, bike rack, and snowboard rack. At this point in time I will only be looking for trades for 4 door(unlimited) Wranglers. If anyone's interested please call me at (626) 512 8009. Thanks

OIL JUST CHANGED 10 miles ago with MOTUL


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nice whip, glws.

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Someone's gotta want this right? I have some serious money and build time into this car, it is absolutely perfect and turnkey. First real offer takes this, I have a jeep in sight that I want to pickup but do not have the garage space.
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