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  1. Lamborghini
    My friend Zahir Rana is selling this beastly 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago. It`s not your average Lamborghini though... not by any means! It was at Heffner Performance in 2008 and received a twin-turbo system, boosting the horsepower output to 1300hp! It also received a widebody conversion kit...
  2. Ferrari
    Was lucky enough to get a full tour of the Ferrari ZXX owned by Zahir Rana (ZR Auto) he let me do a full walk around and did a start up! 900 Horses of loudness!! It was built, painted and tuned by Edo Competition. This is the same Enzo that took a little dip into the Atlantic Ocean a couple...
  3. Ferrari
    Zahir emailed me this, and I thought id share. After 9 months of separation my baby is finally home. I know some of you think I am crazy to do this extreme makeover project but I love it. 830 BHP dyno tuned. Capable of 390 KPH but only managed 376 kph on track...Too much down force Took Allisun...
1-3 of 3 Results