1. Here’s Your Chance to Own a 2014 Pagani Huayra with Over $260,000 in Options

    Ever wanted your own Pagani Huayra? Well one is up for auction at the Amelia Island Auction going down March 12, 2016. It's expected to fetch between $1.9 and $2.2 Million. Pagani Automobili always considered themselves the underdog. Debuting their first supercar at the Geneva Motor Show in...
  2. Pagani Zonda F Clubsport V12 AMG onboard ride.

    Hi outthere. First of all yes this is not a Mercedes…. But its powered of the mighty AMG V12 engine so a bit Merg is there. Well hope you all will enjoy this very rare car on the track.
  3. Pagani Zonda F Ride.

    Hey out there. In this little video you are in the Pagani Zonda F at a Charity race for sick children. Now what do you think about the car? Let me know.
  4. Pagani Owner's Club Gathering in Italy

    European Auto
    I have been able to attend the 2014 Vanishing Point, the official Pagani Owners Club Meet that is taking place in Italy. Among the group a few cars stand up: a 1 of 5 Zonda Cinque Roadster, a 1 of 3 Zonda Tricolore and the one and only Zonda 760 LM! Here's the video... Enjoy!
  5. Pagani Factory Visit: April 2014

    No photos were allowed in the production area - these were taken in their showroom. Zonda Cinque Roadster (1 of 5 produced) and Huayra on display. Full Gallery Here: Pagani Factory Visit: Flickr PAG24 by drivenperfection, on Flickr PAG1 by drivenperfection, on Flickr PAG2 by...
  6. Yellow Zonda S Roadster

    Hi all I attended a Vmax200 event in the UK last weekend where all manner of Supercars were going head to head to reach their Vmax! A rather striking Zonda S Roadster attended and I recorded some video: Also blagged a cheeky ride, although the owner back off about 170-180 mph... Finally...
  7. Pagani Zonda F Roadster Clubsport in Monaco!

    I have been lucky enough to spot this amazing Pagani Zonda F Roadster being driven around Monaco. This particular Zonda, chassis #76095, is fitted with the Clubsport package and it's finished with exposed carbon fiber! My first Zonda F and I have to say it looks spectacular! Enjoy!
  8. Does Anyone Know the Actual Decibel Reading for the Pagani Zonda R ???

    Does Anyone Know The Actual Decibel Reading for the Pagani Zonda R ??? I've searched high and low for it but no where actually discloses the actual reading. Thanks
  9. Italian Stallion - New Pagani Zonda 760 RS with 760 HP

    European Auto
    It´s the strongest Italian Zonda which was ever built. It has 760 HP and a lot of carbon. Pagani Zonda 760 RS – Strongest Pagani Zonda Absolut amazing this video :banana:
  10. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster in Miami

    Saw the post on the Prestige page, a Mexican Zonda Cinque roadster at the dealership. Why is it in Miami? The Zonda still isn't road legal other than the show and display right? Anyone have any insight or information on the car being in the country? What are your thoughts ? Did any L4P members...
  11. Trip to Pagani Factory : Pics and Video

    Big thank you to my Friend Jay for sharing this experience with us. He was invited to the Pagani Factory and took a few pics and Video. Jay got to take a drive in the new Huayra as well as meet Horatio Pagani himself. Jay and I are a lot alike. We both have a true passion for cars. I met him at...
  12. Zonda vs Enzo vs MC-12 vs McLaren F1

    Don't get too excited, this isn't a video post. But I was just curious, if you had the money, would you spring for a newer Zonda, or one of these pre-owned beasts? The MC-12 is exactly like the Zonda, interior wise, full on race-car. Where-as the Enzo could be used to drive around town (if...