1. Bangin' Gears is the Car Show We've All Been Waiting For

    Youtuber  Salomondrin , whose hilarious Pokemon Hunting video  we posted yesterday has just launched his own Youtube car show for the car lovers of the world, called Bangin' Gears—and his own car gang, essentially called CUP Bangers (Cars. Unite. People). Check out episode 3 below, where they...
  2. Watch This Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren P1 Drag Race—Who Wins?

    It's the matchup made in hypercar heaven: A Bugatti Veyron vs. a McLaren P1 in a straight up drag race. Uploaded by Youtube User  TheBayAreaRacing , it's what we've all been waiting for... Turn up those speakers and place your bets...
  3. Watch What it's Like To Drive 342 km/h in A Lamborghini Huracan on the Autobahn

    Youtube Channel  AutoTopNL  just posted this video of a driver in a tuned Lamborghini  Huracan with aftermarket exhausts go full-throttle madness on Germany's Autobahn. Watch how fast he passes these other cars... Insane!
  4. This Video of Two McLaren 12Cs Shooting Epic Flames in Monaco is Insane

    Supercar Youtuber  cvdzijden  just shot this epic video of two McLaren 12Cs shooting huge flames in Monaco during Top Marques 2016. Turn up those speakers and go full screen! So good.... Subscribe to  cvdzijden  here for more awesome car vids.
  5. Watch Lewis Hamilton Race a Superbike in his Mercedes F1 Car—And Do Donuts

    Youtubers Supercars of London were at the Barbados Festival of Speed   at the Bushy Park Race Circuit where  Lewis Hamilton and his 2013 V8 F1 Car raced against a Yamaha R1M Superbike. The real fun starts around the 3:00 mark, with the goods at 5:00. Enjoy.
  6. This Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce Revving Is The Best Thing You'll Hear All Day

    During a super car meeting in The Netherlands,  Youtuber Gumbal  filmed this awesome  orange Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Super Veloce, whose V12 engine is amazing! The LP750 SV is limited to only 600 pieces! Turn it up for this first rev! Engine: 6.5 L V12 Power: 750 hp / 690 Nm 0-100 km/h...
  7. This is Crazy—Print Out Vines, GoPro Videos and More With LifePrint

    Back when I was a kid, videos were somewhat of a rarity. I remember birthdays through photo album pictures and a few camcorder films on little tapes, watching myself blow out birthday candles and tearing apart perfect-wrapped gifts while family members looked on. The digital world has evolved...
  8. Is The Sound of This Super Loud Ferrari 458 Speciale Better Than Sex?

    Apparently its owner thinks it is at ( 4:23 ). Youtuber Gumbal  just posted this video of a Ferrari 458 Speciale with Fi Exhaust System (Fi = Frequency intelligent), R3 Wheels and Marlboro livery wrap—and with its V8 engine and stainless steel exhaust system, it might just be the nicest 458...
  9. What Would You Do If Your Uber Showed Up As Batman in A Lamborghini?

    This is one prank we'd willfully be a part of. Youtuber, Josh Paler Lin 's Uber profile lists him as "Ming" who drives a Toyota Prius—but this day, he's rolling deep and picking up his fares dressed as Batman in a Lamborghini Aventador. Even with surge pricing, we'd take this ride any day..
  10. Watch This Lamborghini Break a 1/4 Mile World Record

    If the sound of a revving engine makes your left foot twitch and your hand ache for an adrenaline-rushing shift knob, then you might want to take a look at this video, where Underground Racing pushes this Lamborghini Huracan to its limits. Underground Racing is known to tune and tweak...
  11. This Video of Devel Sixteen’s 4,515 HP Engine Will Blow Your Mind

    It looks like the hype surrounding the absurd power of the Devel Sixteen hypercar is real. The Dubai-based supercar’s creators have been touting their ludicrous power figures for years, claiming benchmarks like 5,000 horsepower, a 0-60 time of less than two seconds, and a top speed of over 345...
  12. Our Top 4 Most Popular Stories Last Week Made A Lot Of People Angry

    What a week on Luxury4Play ! Between the Mansory-modded Mercedes-Benz , an ultra limited edition McLaren  and a brand new 770 Horsepower Ferrari F12tdf being released , we were sure it was going to be a badass supercar that sat in the top spot of the list... So you can imagine how shocked...
  13. This 23-year-old YouTube star just bought a $4.5 million Hollywood mansion

    Real Estate
    Jordan Maron, a 23-year-old YouTube star more notoriously known as " CaptainSparklez ", has bought a $4.5 million mansion under a private trust. His YouTube channel has racked up more than 8.8 million subscribers and 1.9 billion views. Most of his uploads feature Maron playing Minecraft...
  14. Porsche Carrera GT signed of Walther Rorhl

    Hallo out there. The Porsche Carrera GT at a charty race. Exactly this car is Nr. 1265 of 1270. It goes from 0-100 (60) in 3,5 and have a top speed at 334 km/h, driver for the day was Mads Peter Veiby.
  15. [Video] Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia Launch Control

    You can see this exclusive Ferrari 458 Italia by Oakley Design it have 623CV and there are only 7 units on the world.
  16. Youtube Game Playthroughs

    Arts and Entertainment
    Hey there guys, I've basically started doing playthroughs of horror games on youtube, if you have the time I'd appreciate it, if you could check them out. I need some constructive criticism, subscribers and so forth as I really want to continue with this and get better. Let's Play SCP...
  17. LOU LA VIE TEASER VIDEO - Presented by Poison Performance

    Hey Everyone. This is my first post onto the forum. Thought it ought to be good. This it the video Poison Performance & Racing produced for the Miami Luxury & Exotic Car Rental Company Lou La Vie. Check it out!! Would love feedback!!! Check Out their site @ or Our Site @...
  18. check out my humble youtube channel3

    hello im here new to luxury4play and i wanted to share my humble youtube channel Kanal von zapingosays - YouTube
  19. 4WheelsofLux Photography

    I decided to start this thread to share some of my best pictures here on L4P. I'm more into videography and just recently started photography, so I'm still learning and hoping to get better. Would be great to get some feedback, especially from the professionals. Hope you enjoy...
  20. New Member :P

    European Auto
    Hey Guys, New to the site and I just wanted to introduce myself. Name's Brian, mainly post on ferrarichat, do a lot of videos on YouTube, here's the link to my channel YouTube - BrianZuk's Channel. I guess I'll start my first post off with a vid I made of a friend's Gallardo YouTube -...