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  1. Marine
    It’s easy to marvel at George Lucian’s futuristic yacht concepts . The Monaco-based artist's newest vision of an iconic yacht with future inspiration has the name Roswell. It's a 65m superyacht, with support from two diesel-electric engines and large electric panels, resulting in full electric...
  2. Marine
    Mercedes -AMG and Cigarette Racing have unveiled this year’s crazy collaboration project. This year, the two companies celebrate their 11th year of collaboration with the most impressive and innovative performance boat ever constructed by Cigarette Racing. Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG Project...
  3. Marine
    If you’re looking for a new yacht to add to your collection, but can't stand all the ruckus they make while they cruise, you might want to keep an eye out for Numarine’s newest addition: the 78HTS flybridge yacht. The saloon features an open concept design and is flooded with natural light...
  4. Marine
    You can’t get away with naming a boat after a James Bond movie unless it’s super badass. The AB 100 Spectre Yacht can definitely get away with it. This yacht is fast. In fact, it’s one of the fastest production yachts out there. Equipped with three MAN engines, it packs 5,700 horsepower, and can...
  5. Marine
    During the Monaco Yacht Show in 2012, Mercedes-Benz showed the world a gorgeous concept of a yacht that would someday turn into a reality. While some concepts fall flat and others never make it to the production line, this Mercedes yacht defeated the odds by doing both. Mercedes-Benz’s Style...
  6. Marine
    A performance yacht fit for a super villain. White boats make a lot of sense from a practicality standpoint. They’re easy to maintain, they reflect sunlight, they’re more visible in the event of an emergency, but they can also be painfully dull. That’s not the case with the Koji: a gunmetal...
  7. Marine
    Your mansion can’t take you anywhere, but, with a 5000 nautical-mile range, the Lady Lau can. There are bigger yachts in the world than the 231-foot Lady Lau, but not many, and, with a current asking price of about $43 million, there aren’t many that are more expensive either. Boats with grand...
  8. Marine
    The Sycara V will take you around the Caribbean is this luxury ride... If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s probably cold, dark and snowy as hell. Although you can’t melt away the snow, you can definitely melt away the sorrow that often accompanies Old Man Winter. To help you...
  9. Marine
    After a decade of hosting dangerous missions and beautiful women, the famous Casino Royale yacht, Soufrière, is up for sale. As James Bond’s most trusted companion, we never thought that the two would part. But everything must come to an end — it’s a lesson Bond has learned time and time again...
  10. Marine
    This Yacht is pretty epic and the photography is even better! I just wish it was in wallpaper size :( SOURCE
  11. Marine
    This Yacht is pretty freaking cool. it looks lie something a James Bond villain would use and the you would never expect the interior to look the way it does. If i get yacht money someday this is going to be pretty high on my list lol. A bit of info and more pics can be found from the source.
  12. Marine
    If you ever wanted to go on a fishing trip but didn't want to miss a day at the gym, this boat is for you. Dream Living: Spencer Yachts’ 90-foot Betsy |
  13. Marine
    Took a stroll yesterday evening out at The Pearl, Qatar's mini-Riviera. It is a man-made island, much like Dubai's Palm Jumeirah. Please excuse my crummy phone pics... twin Mangusta 165s... that is one good looking yacht! I'm loving the barrelback wooden runabout! 1200 hp of...
  14. Marine
    It also comes with a Custom Supercar.
  15. Marine
    Hi , I am Jim or AKA "Inno" I photograph many events in the Northeastern US . I wanted to share with everyone a few basic Shots of this incredible Sail Vessel known as the "Maltese Falcon" I understand this vessel to cost around 130 Million Dollars . I along many spotted it on the West side of...
  16. Marine
    Is anybody going to the Miami Yacht & Brokerage show Feb 17-21? I am super excited to see the NISI. It's the first time one is for sale in the US and the pictures look awesome What are the other highlights?
  17. Travel
    Hello everyone, i have several posts but im member few months ago. So please let me introduce. My name is Ante and Im from Split, Croatia. Croatia is one most beautiful contry in World and our main season is summer. Our most beautiful cities: Dubrovink Trogir Bol,island Brac Zadar
  18. Marine
    Being able to cruise across the ocean in a luxury yacht or catamaran is really living the life of the rich and famous. Blue Coast Yachts, the French leader in customized yacht catamarans construction, has found an owner for its 95′ catamaran designed by Coste Design & Partners. With a length...
1-18 of 20 Results