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  1. Automotive
    The second part of our 'One-Day Carspotting in Dusseldorf' videos! We can really recommend Dusseldorf as a city to go to if you want to see some awesome cars on an average saturday (: Interested in more videos like this? Subscribe to us on YouTube: © Jewethe - Supercar Videos! - YouTube
  2. Automotive
    That V8 engine of BMW sounds awesome! The owner of this Wiesmann GT MF4 didn't hesitate to let the people in Dusseldorf hear his wonderful sounding supercar! What do you think of the acceleration sounds? (especially the second one)
  3. European Auto
    Today I met a friend to take some pictures of his "Gecko", a Wiesmann MF3. It was a really "cool" day :lol: More pictures within the next few days. Hope you like them!
1-5 of 6 Results