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  1. Automotive
    Hey Guys, here's a new Mercedes Benz CLS done up by wheels boutique 2 sporting some sexy Vossen Forged VF-091's with color matched centers, black accents, and chrome lips! They slapped a Wald Kit on it as well and a full system! Vossen Forged: CLS550 & WB2 VIDEO
  2. American Auto
    most doctors now a days take a few "minutes" to get there when on call... but this DR... well... he just takes a few seconds, and does it in style while he's at it jamming up radar guns and what not! thanks to kiko at wheels boutique 2 :lol: Sitting on 20" VF-091's with a brushed aluminum...
  3. American Auto
    Hey guys, here are some teaser pics of our newest Z06... done by Wheels Boutique 2 its sitting on our VF-091's with a brushed aluminum face, color matched accents, color matched lip, and red pinstripes! Something different!
  4. Lamborghini
    Just some teaser shot's of the car until it's done being worked up at Wheels Boutique 2 for the real photoshoot it deserves! :clap:
  5. Asian Auto
    Finally here! no more teasers! its the real deal! This car belongs to Jose Barberde, a baseball player for the Astro's and his car was done from head to toe by Wheels Boutique 2 in Miami ! They decked it out with a full Autocoture kit, WALD fenders, some minor paint work (hood, roof and...
  6. Maserati
    :D one sexy beast! what do you guys think?! our photographer has some raw skills! - mr.anderson
1-6 of 6 Results