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  1. Vossen Forged: Mercedes CLS on VF-091's

    Hey Guys, here's a new Mercedes Benz CLS done up by wheels boutique 2 sporting some sexy Vossen Forged VF-091's with color matched centers, black accents, and chrome lips! They slapped a Wald Kit on it as well and a full system! Vossen Forged: CLS550 & WB2 VIDEO
  2. Vossen Forged: Z06 + DR.EVIL??

    American Auto
    most doctors now a days take a few "minutes" to get there when on call... but this DR... well... he just takes a few seconds, and does it in style while he's at it jamming up radar guns and what not! thanks to kiko at wheels boutique 2 :lol: Sitting on 20" VF-091's with a brushed aluminum...
  3. Vossen Forged: Graphite Z06

    American Auto
    Hey guys, here are some teaser pics of our newest Z06... done by Wheels Boutique 2 its sitting on our VF-091's with a brushed aluminum face, color matched accents, color matched lip, and red pinstripes! Something different!
  4. Vossen Forged: LP640 on VF-051's

    Just some teaser shot's of the car until it's done being worked up at Wheels Boutique 2 for the real photoshoot it deserves! :clap:
  5. Vossen Forged: LS600h

    Asian Auto
    Finally here! no more teasers! its the real deal! This car belongs to Jose Barberde, a baseball player for the Astro's and his car was done from head to toe by Wheels Boutique 2 in Miami ! They decked it out with a full Autocoture kit, WALD fenders, some minor paint work (hood, roof and...
  6. Vossen Forged Gran Turismo @ Wheels Boutique 2

    :D one sexy beast! what do you guys think?! our photographer has some raw skills! - mr.anderson