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    8200 SHIPPED anywhere on east coast! Eric 412.400.6900 call text anytime located in FT Lauderdale FL **Trade for Ceramic Rolex/MV Agusta/Ducati Perfect run around car, kids car, teach wife to drive manual, etc etc! It's your lucky day, you have stumbled upon the CLEANEST, highway driven for...
  2. Small But Mighty || GTI + Rotiform ROC || A Wheels Boutique Production

    European Auto
    It’s hard to deny the GTI’s pedigree when it comes to competing within the hot hatch market. But with an abundance of aftermarket modifications available - it’s difficult to narrow the choices to find what’s right for you. In this case we’ve mixed simple aesthetics and modest performance...
  3. Audi screwing me over!!

    Recently purchased a 2014 Audi r8 v10 plus, and from day one i have had nothing but problems. Brakes,seat,suspension and interior panels all squeak. After taking it to Audi multiple times they were unable to fix the brakes. They blamed it on carbon ceramic, i have never had serious squeaking...
  4. Volkswagen Made A Luxury Camper Van With One Awesome Secret

    No minivans are cool. It doesn’t matter if they’re loaded with TV’s, gaming consoles, or built-in drink dispensers, they’ll always be known as the preferred mode of transport for the soccer mom.But this VW Doubleback Van has us thinking about allowing vans back into the cool club. Built to...
  5. Want to Own the Fast and Furious Volkswagen Jetta? Here's How

    Another car featured in the Fast and Furious movie franchise is crossing the auction block. This custom 1995 Volkswagen Jetta starred in the original movie and is currently owned by Frankie Muniz of TV, music, movie and racing fame. Looking just like it did when the movie was filmed, the...
  6. This 28-Year-Old Celebrity DJ Just Bought A Bugatti Chiron

    Artist's Impression of what the new Bugatti Chiron could look like, by Car Magazine. Amidst speculation Volkswagen would discontinue or delay the new Bugatti, the car company confirmed that the Bugatti project will not get affected as a part of the company’s new frugal mandate. They’ve...
  7. Gold Volkswagen CC | Concavo CW-12 | RodWraps | Miami | Photo Shoot & Video |

    HEY L4P, Volkswagen CC by RodWraps on CW-12
  8. FS: 2008 Volkswagen R32, Blue, Nav, 52K, Full Service History Since New! - Chicago

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    It's time for me to sell my 2008 R32 and move on to an M3. I bought it a little over a year ago from a gentleman in New York who bought it new in 2008. He was moving across the country to CA to begin his new job working for Apple and decided to keep his SUV instead of the R. I saw it listed on...
  9. Fastest Golf convertible yet! Volkswagen Golf R Convertible Real-World Testing

    European Auto
    The Golf R Cabriolet will pack 270hp. Like the Golf R, the Cabriolet will sport bigger brakes to handle the added power. The test mule seen in these photos also show a GTI front bumper and exhaust pipes, though those are surely just for show and will change by the time the Golf R Cabriolet hits...
  10. Shots from the Volkswagen Festival in Moscow

    The 6th Annual Volkswagen Festival of Russia took place last weekend in Moscow. Audi, VW and Seat models were all present during the weekend's festivities. more pics @ Shots from 6th Annual Volkswagen Festival in Moscow
  11. Volkswagen Scirocco GTS Debuts at AMI Leipzig

    European Auto
    The Scirocco GTS back after 30 years with 2.0-liter turbocharged plant rated at 210hp and 207 lb-ft of torque. Revealed at Leipzig Germany AMI Show all pics and info here: Volkswagen Scirocco GTS Debuts at AMI Leipzig After 30-Year Hiatus
  12. Syndicate´s garage (Teaser)

    Gentlemen welcome to the Syndicate´s garage, be free to pick any vehicle as gift for be part of your society. - Everything and everyone has a price - Profit before friendship - Greed is good
  13. 08 Jetta Chip.

    European Auto
    This is my first post on this foram so far i am loving this site a lot to learn from and a lot of people who are real rather then people picking out pics for web and posting it. anyways i am still not use to this site and still learning everything on here. I just bought my self a used jetta...
  14. 2011 Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet Concept

    European Auto
    This is far more appealing than the VW Eos. "the Golf R*Cabriolet*is surprising for*retaining the standard Golf R's 266bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four.*Torque (258 lb ft), 0-62mph time (5.5sec with DSG) and top speed (155mph) also remain the same in the soft-top*Golf R.* ** Inside, the Golf R...
  15. LIVESTREAM: 21st Century Beetle

    European Auto
    If anyone is interested in watching the Livestream online, HERE you can! It'is Live from the Shaghai Motor Show :bow1:
  16. 2010 MK6 VW GTI Road Trip Photos/Driving Vids

    Hi all, I've had my GTI for about 3 months now and wanted to share some photos from my most recent road trip. Very excited to finally get a POV driving video of my favorite road near Greensburg, KY. Filmed with the Go Pro HD Hero at sunrise. The first one below is by far the best I got on...