vinyl wrap

  1. SAdesign: Project STEEL WOLF | 2011 Charger

    American Auto
    2011 Dodge Charger R/T Here's a little taste of the Charger we have in the shop right now. Our customer purchased this car a month ago certified pre-owned. Came with the wheels but that was it. He wanted a new different look and here's what we came up with. A little teaser of things to come. TO...
  2. Just another week at the shop | SAdesign

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to show you some of the stuff that rolls through our doors on a weekly basis. Here are the cars that came in this week. Some of the cars have been posted on L4P. Check it out! We are in South Florida if you want to swing by to see whats going on! Superior Auto Design...
  3. Road Race 5th Gen Camaro Wrap Design | Superior Auto Design

    American Auto
    One of our good customers brought his 5th Gen Road Race car over to us to get a whole new look. He's changing his sponsorship up so he figured it was time for some new stripes. We went back and forth on different designs and turned his rendering into reality. We used 3m's 1080 Hot Rod Red vinyl...
  4. Vehicle Wrap : design and installation

    Customer comes to Modern Image and wants to Wrap there vehicle to help advertise/promote their company. One of our in house designers work with the client to come up with an idea for a creative design. Our design then takes the idea and makes it come to live in form of a vehicle wrap. Once...
  5. SEMA 2011 - GoldBerg Approved - Lexus IS350 / Chameleon Lexo - SSC

    Asian Auto
    Hello Everyone, Here is another car we did for SEMA 2011 this year. We actually sponsored this car from our online store, Sticker Gear | The Number 1 Place for Vinyl related products!. We provided the materials and the customer did the install, who has installed several vehicle wraps prior...
  6. SEMA 2011 - Royal Purple LSR Land Speed Car - Live Install - SSC

    American Auto
    Hello Everyone, We had the opportunity to work with Royal Purple and one its cars, "The Bad Bird" LSR Race Car, to do a install right at SEMA. The client approached us to install a wrap live at the SEMA Auto Expo. The customer wanted us to match a exisiting design that they previously had...
  7. SEMA 2011 - Ford Raptor - SS Customs

    Hello everyone, Here is one of the rides we did up for SEMA 2011. This was a narly Raptor putting down high 700 rear wheel ponies. The customer, who builds cars for celebrities and big names such as Nicki Minaj, came to us with an idea to do some basic graphics with logos but after we did a...
  8. Project: Sinister. Matte Grey Camaro! Gun metal Rims, Dropped on KW V3s

    American Auto
    Hey, just wanted to share some photos of my camaro, it was wrapped in matte grey by 90210 Wrap in Los Angeles (, with matte black accents (roof, spoiler, and under the tail lights), wheels were powder coated in gun metal, the car is lowered on KW v3 coil overs, and I have a...