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  1. Automotive
    So you just bought a Lamborghini Huracan... Ever wonder what happens when you show up to take delivery of your brand new toro scatenato? Well, Heather Ballantine from the Lamborghini dealership in Uptown Toronto is about to show you from start to finish exactly what a Lamborghini Sales...
  2. Automotive
    McLaren is continuing to tease its next supercar and this week, some information about its powerful brakes has been revealed. Widely believed to be called the McLaren 720S, this second-generation Super Series that replaces the 650S will make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in...
  3. Automotive
    Ride along for a rather fast POV drive behind the wheel of Ferrari's much loved 458 Italia. The roads are clear, the tunnels are open and you have 4.5-liters of hot, screaming V8 at the mercy of your right shoe...
  4. Automotive
    Twin-turbos are so passe bro, welcome to the triple life. The Hyper1200 System helps boost this McLaren Mp4-12C to an absurd 1,200 horsepower...
  5. Automotive
    We've been over the perils of vintage racing before , and the 2016 Goodwood Revival reminds us once again how mental it is that people actually race these nearly priceless pieces of automotive history. During the RAC Tourist Trophy race the ambitious Cobra tries to stuff one down the inside of...
  6. Automotive
    Expensive cars and expensive watches go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam, hot dogs and baseball, or cocaine and vodka. Which is exactly why Hublot has once again paired up with its friend from Formula 1, Ferrari, to create the $250,000 MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire. The video is actually...
  7. Automotive
    The McLaren 570S is already loud AF, imagine what happens when you install a pair of Larini sports cats? What happens is this McLaren turns into a screaming banshee not see around these parts since the F40 was prowling around some 25 years ago. Enjoy your eargasm...
  8. Automotive
    One of the most beautifully beautiful cars in existence--and tantalizingly fast to boot-- has just been smashed to bits after an assignation with one of the  Nurburgring's infamous Armco barriers . In a statement released yesterday , Koenigsegg confirmed the crash:Koenigsegg Automotive AB can...
  9. Automotive
    Thanks to motorsports and movies, drifting is a legitimate sport and has gained international recognition as an extremely skilled art. There’re even professional drifting competitions that are judged according to the speed, angle, showmanship, and line taken through a corner or set of corners...
  10. American Auto
    The GMC Yukon Denali got a mechanical modifications package (HPE650) from Hennessey :clap: ... For More: SuperCars Show
  11. Automotive
    I think they really stepped up their game on the 2014. It's sexy as hell, and its now one of the most technologically advanced cars on the road. Anyone have one? driven one? opinions in general. Design First A-Pillar and Mirros Commander Module Blind Spot Monitoring
  12. Arts and Entertainment
    this is a new series i will be making that will heavily focus on gun play and urban combat situations. check the video out and be sure to watch in 1080 or 720!
  13. Automotive
    Hey guys...this is a pretty good resource I found for us. Has a ton of cars indexed by brand, make and model and a boatload of good pics. Thought I would share. Disregard if you already know the site (which you probably do) BOLDRIDE.COM Car Pictures and Car Wallpapers -
  14. Corvette/Viper
    Still can't believe I missed showing you this project! Now it's time to set things right! We had a few ideas on what to put on this Corvette. You know, it's sporting "only" 1600HP fron a twin-turbo Warhawk motor. That's right! It has 1600 rear wheel horsepower. Basically putting any sort of...
  15. Targa Trophy
    I would like to ask all the sponsors to post their links/FB page/ Videos/ and other media here for every one. FB Page JP Logistics & Motorsports, Inc. - Automotive - Sun Valley, CA | Facebook Twitter JP Logistics (jplogistics) on Twitter
1-15 of 17 Results