1. VIDEO: Supercars Leaving Car Meet - Aventador S, 911 GT2 RS, G-Power M3, Huracan Performante, R8 V10 Plus..

    A while ago we visited another crazy car meet in The Netherlands! There were so many nice sportscars that we decided to make a video compilation of all the cars leaving the car meet! Included are for example the Lamborghini Aventador S, 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, BMW M3 G-Power, Lamborghini...
  2. Watch: Lamborghini’s LM002 Was Pretty Super

    Lamborghini will start racing its new SUV in an attempt to prove that it’s just as super as any of its cars, but we shouldn’t forget about the LM002, its first SUV, which was pretty super in its own right. With a Countach-derived V12 pumping out more than 400 hp, the LM002 was capable of...
  3. Watch Old Aston Martins do Drifty Shit in a New Factory

    What better way to commemorate the opening of a new factory than with a multi-million dollar drift show?  Aston Martin's new production plant at St Athan in South Wales is on the verge of opening, so before all the people, machinery and seriousness of the car business shows up, the brand took...
  4. This Aviation Startup Plans to Bring a $600K Flying Car to U.S. by 2018

    PAL-V is teasing its first production-ready flying car, the Liberty.  The first set of 90 flying cars built, called the PAL-V Liberty Limited Pioneer Edition (teased in photo below), will sell for $599,000 each and only 25 will be coming to North America. “We anticipate deliveries of a...
  5. Sexy Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Draws Huge Crowd at Pebble Beach

    The  Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato  was never supposed to happen. Unveiled as a concept car not too long ago in Italy as a collaboration between the British automaker and Zagato (an Italian designer and coachbuilding company that’s worked with Aston for 50 years), the special Vanquish wasn’t...
  6. Jaw-Dropping Mercedes-AMG GT R Stands Out Among Supercars at U.S. Debut

    The Mercedes-AMG GT R was a star attraction at the Benz display at Pebble Beach this year as the most performance-oriented car in the brand’s lineup right now. Mercedes-AMG claims that it has never put this much motorsports technology in any production car ever. Developed at the infamously...
  7. $2.26 Million Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Soaks Up The Sun At Pebble Beach

    The windshield of the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster is shaped to reduce wind buffeting and keep things comfortable for drivers and passengers alike. Advanced aerodynamic studies were conducted also to achieve maximum comfort for the interior, specifically for the Roadster. The...
  8. All-Electric Hypercar Takes on LaFerrari in Drag Race

    Just how fast is the world’s first all-electric hypercar? WEC,  Ferrari  Le Mans and Corvette GT2 V8 racing driver Archie Hamilton wanted to find out, and got an opportunity to hop behind the wheel of the Rimac Concept One. The Concept One made its production debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show...
  9. Fisker Karma Reborn as Karma Revero

    While it is being touted as a new car, the Revero is in reality a refreshed version of the  Fisker Karma , launched back in 2011. Karma Automotive was created from the ashes of bankrupt Fisker when the company was sold to China’s Wanxiang Group. SEE ALSO:  Fisker Karma Renamed to Karma Revero...
  10. Ferrari's Corse Clienti Program is So Exclusive You'll Cry

    Most of us would kill for an afternoon as part of Ferrari's  XX program , but if you thought that was exclusive, their Corse Clienti program will just make you weep and wish. The XX program started back in 2005 with the original FXX, based on the venerable Ferrari Enzo. Since then the program...
  11. Watch the Lamborghini Centenario Hit the Track to Celebrate its Launch

    The stunning  Lamborghini   Centenario  is celebrating its launch with a new video. Having made its debut earlier this year at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Lamborghini  Centenario is being showcased on video for the first time. The Centenario was developed to honor what would have been the...
  12. You Won't Believe What This Lamborghini Murcielago is Towing

    Seriously? Yes, and we couldn't believe it either, but this Lamborghini Murcielago is actually towing a trailer with goats on a road in Italy. Think that trailer hitch is stock?
  13. Watch This 13-Year-Old Hit 202 MPH in a Bugatti Veyron—Without a License

    What were you doing when you were 13? It was probably something awkward that you don’t remember or care to remember, but one 13-year-old is making us all feel very inadequate all of a sudden with a feat that grown adults can be jealous of. Steven Aghakhani  is 13 and races all sorts of cars...
  14. This Show-Off Crash Video Compilation Will Make You Seriously Cringe

    Sure, showing off your car by doing burnouts can be really awesome—but sometimes, it can be also be really costly. Here's an awesome compilation video with crashes involving some of your favourites—and usual suspects... Here's all the cars that crash or have really close calls here.... Chevrolet...
  15. Hunting Pokemon in Beverly Hills is Way Faster in a Porsche 918

    For every job, you've got to pick the right tool. So, Youtuber and car enthusiast Salomondrin  and his buddy Pedro go hunting for Pokemon with the new Go app[/URL] in the Salomongreen Porsche 918 throughout Beverly Hills.... And it's actually an entertaining watch. Also make sure to check...
  16. Someone Created a Floating Walkway to an Island in Italy—And It Looks Insanely Fun

    Dubbed The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, this man-made walkway to an island in the middle of Lake Iseo in Italy near Milan is incredible. Check out the drone footage in this video below uploaded by Youtuber  Tyler MacNiven .
  17. See Stoneridge Hall, Canada’s Finest Estate, Which Can Be Yours For $15-Million

    Real Estate
    Maybe a handful of homes can match Stoneridge Hall ’s size, quality, and elegance. Set on a manicured 165-acre dream estate, the elegant Georgian Country house was created by award winning designer JF Brennan of Brennan Custom Homes. Perfectly positioned on the Niagara Escarpment, the property...
  18. This 4K Drone Video of Europe's Greatest Castles is Insanely Awesome

    Youtuber WeWannaGo TV  just uploaded this Earth Porn compilation of some of Europe's most beautiful castles and palaces—and it's a must-watch in 4k HD. Below the video is a full list of the castles featured.   Featured European Castles: Castle of Almourol (Tagus River, Vila Nova da...
  19. 2017 Porsche Panamera Bows with Sportier, Sleeker Styling

    The 2017  Porsche  Panamera has been introduced at a special event in Berlin, Germany. The event kicked off with a bizarre fashion show of sorts along with an artistic presentation showing glimpses of the next-generation sedan. The German automaker also placed an emphasis on contradiction...
  20. The Mercedes-AMG GT R Is Here To Dismantle Race Tracks—Here's a First Look

    Mercedes-AMG is done screwing around. The days when a slightly warmed over E-Class was fit wear the badge are done and dusted. Mercedes’ performance arm has upped its game significantly over the last few years, and the Nürburgring-bred, 577-horsepower AMG GT R is its clearest sign of intent yet...