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  1. BMW F85 X5M | FI Exhaust Video | Let the Replays Begin

    Hey Members, Here is a little video clip with the audio of the FI-Exhaust we have installed on our F85 X5M shop car. Enjoy and let the replays begin!! :bulge: Feedback is always welcomed. Vehicle Performance Specs Velos Stage 2 ECU Tune FI Exhaust Full Exhuast FI Exhaust Gold Tips FI...
  2. 997 Porsche Turbo | Velos D5 Centerlock Wheels

    Hey Members, wanted to share with you the build of this Velos D5 Forged Wheels we engineered for a 997 Porsche Turbo for a client. In this thread I will show the engineering layout and progress of this build. Thank you for checking us out and feed back is always welcomed! Wheel Specs Velos...
  3. 2014 Range Rover Sport Supercharged on 24" Velos Solo VI Forged Wheels & 580 HP Velos Tune

    Land Rover
    Dear Members, Here is a 2014 Range Rover Sport Supercharged we recently wrapped up. The car was lowered via a lowering module and the car sits on 24" Velos Solo VI forged Wheels wrapped in Toyo Tires. Custom paint work was done to the body and brakes as well. Lastly we tuned the vehicle to...
  4. Mineral Grey BMW M4 on Velos S3 Forged Wheels | Breast Cancer Awareness Shoot

    Hello Members, We were able to team up with a local M Enthusiasts on this recent project. Here is a photoshoot we wrapped up for a campaign / promotion we will be running with Michelin / Pirelli and a few other local events. Using it as a chance to help support Cancer research and give back to...
  5. 2011 Range Rover Sport Supercharged on 22" Velos S4 Forged Wheels

    Land Rover
    Members, Here is a 2011 Range Rover we recently wrapped up. To go along with the wheels the Range is also tuned by us to roughly 580HP w/o pulley, lowered via the Tag Motorsports lowering module with a couple other minor cosmetic upgrades. Let us know if you have any questions Velos S4 Forged...
  6. Velos Forged Wheel Collection | 2014 Fall Update

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey Members, Wanted to share our current lineup with you for the new fall season. We will continue to update this thread with information related to the lineup. Thanks. DETAILS: The Velos Designwerks Wheel Collection of forged, concave profile, one-piece wheels offers a more aggressive and...
  7. Velos S3 Forged Wheels & more installed on Moonstone BMW M6 Gran Coupe...

    Hello, We had the chance to build another M6 recently and wanted to go ahead and share it with you. This time around our canvas was a beautiful '14 Moonstone M6 Gran Coupe. We had a tough time deciding on a finish for the wheels and decided to go with a full Hand Brushed wheel with a custom...
  8. .: Nissan GTR on Velos S1 Signature Series Forged Wheels (20x12 & 20x10) :.

    Dear Members, Here is a GTR we recently shot on a set of our S1 Forged Wheels. The wheels are finished in our Hand Brushed with a Tinted Clear. Feel free to PM with any questions. Wheel Sizes: 20x12 & 20x10 Tire Sizes: 315/30/20 & 285/35/20
  9. '13 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Final Edition | Velos S1 Signature Series Forged Wheels

    Dear Members, We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with FiveNine Design on this build. The client opted for a set of our S1 Signature Series Wheels mounted on a set of Toyo 888. The Gallardo is wrapped in "Combat Grey" by 201 Wrap out of Jacksonville, FL. There will be more coming from...