velos d5 wheels

  1. Nature Collides with a Porsche 997 Turbo | Velos D5 Forged Wheels

    Hey Members, We have been hard at work but we finally made some time to shoot the Porsche 997 on our Velos Directional D5 Forged Wheels with OEM Centerlock Spec. I do have to say the photography came out wonderful. Hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcomed. Wheels Specs Velos D5 Forged...
  2. 997 Porsche Turbo | Velos D5 Centerlock Wheels

    Hey Members, wanted to share with you the build of this Velos D5 Forged Wheels we engineered for a 997 Porsche Turbo for a client. In this thread I will show the engineering layout and progress of this build. Thank you for checking us out and feed back is always welcomed! Wheel Specs Velos...