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  1. BMW
    A few weeks ago a client came to Modern Image and wanted to wrap his Beautiful Navy M3. We asked, "What color would you like to wrap your Beautiful M3?", the client replied, "I want to standout in a crowd, Matte Orange". Before During After
  2. European Auto
    This Mercedes Benz S600 v12 is one of two cars owned by the same customer. The matching car is the Mercedes Benz 430 that was shown in a different post. The customer wanted to give his old school vehicles a fresh modern look by vinyl wrapping them in the 3M matte black and 3M carbon fiber vinyl...
  3. West
    Here are some pictures of the newly wrapped HG Motorsports' Dually. We used HG Motorsports' Red, White, and Black color scheme and made a digital camo wrap.
  4. West
    One of our clients has decided it's time to remove the clear bra from his Maserati Granturismo only to have us wrap it in Matte Black. More pictures to come.
  5. Lamborghini
    Here are some pictures of a Gloss Black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder that we wrapped at Modern Image in Matte Black Vinyl with Carbon Fiber trim.
  6. West
    Customer comes to Modern Image and wants to Wrap there vehicle to help advertise/promote their company. One of our in house designers work with the client to come up with an idea for a creative design. Our design then takes the idea and makes it come to live in form of a vehicle wrap. Once...
  7. West
    With the new and improved Carbon Fiber Vinyl, we are able to cover/wrap hoods, roofs, grills, rear spoilers, trim pieces and much more. Here we have some before and after pictures of a Porsche car seat. Before After
  8. American Auto
    Hello Everyone, We had the opportunity to work with Royal Purple and one its cars, "The Bad Bird" LSR Race Car, to do a install right at SEMA. The client approached us to install a wrap live at the SEMA Auto Expo. The customer wanted us to match a exisiting design that they previously had...
  9. 4x4Play
    Hello everyone, Here is one of the rides we did up for SEMA 2011. This was a narly Raptor putting down high 700 rear wheel ponies. The customer, who builds cars for celebrities and big names such as Nicki Minaj, came to us with an idea to do some basic graphics with logos but after we did a...
  10. European Auto
    We just had one of our clients have one of his customers cars damaged during transport to his shop. We stopped Turbo Hoses in Livermore, CA to see that they had to have the rear end repainted. It was our job to re-install the race graphics that used to be on the vehicle. First thing first, we...
  11. Lamborghini
    Every now and then, we do a project that takes the web by storm. This was the case with a certain Lambo we recently finished for gR3. Julian brought us his Orange LP-640 with a coulple ideas and photos he had for the rally. Little did we know it would get so much buzz. He gave us some photos of...
  12. Asian Auto
    We got a client that got tired of looking at her daily driver looking the same way for years. So we decided to give it a fresh new look. :D She loved matte white and she also liked pink and red, but in the end we decided red would be a better suit to the car. This is the end result and we both...
  13. Porsche
    We had met a new client recently, who is a brother of a great client/friend of SS Customs. This new client loved his car and had the car for four years. The car was white and he really wanted a black car, but with old Porsche's, you really look for the condition of the car, not the color you...
  14. American Auto
    Hello Everyone. Here is one of the latest project to come out of SS Customs. A good friend and customer of ours really wanted a matte black Charger, and considering a summer car movie and the fact he had an SRT-8, we knew this would be a winner. Here are the photos, enjoy! If you are interested...
  15. Ferrari
    Hey yall. Just finished a Tri-Colori Wrap on a good friend and clients Ferrari F-430 Scuderia. I assume this car will also be participating in Gold Rush Rally as well. We started off with a black car and ended up with something amazing. Here's this list of SSC Mods as follows; -Full Body Gloss...
  16. GR3
    gR3 is Almost here, and like last year, SS Customs will be there in full effect. We will be sponsoring the rally again this year supplying and installing all the Sponsor Graphics. A big thing last year was themed graphics as was the year before. SSC will be offering its services to a limited...
  17. Audi
    Here are pics of a black Audi R8 that we wrapped in Ultra White Metallic vinyl.
  18. Asian Auto
    We just got the opportunity to wrap penske tunings official flagship car. This particular car is pretty familiar in the custom tuning scene and has had many faces already. You may remember it when it was matte black, matte white, sharpied, spray painted or... Well the new look is here. We can't...
1-19 of 24 Results