1. Porsche 981 Boxster S w/ Armytrix Super SPort Variable Exhaust - loud revs!

    In the video, the exhaust sounds start from valves closed, valves opened, then valves auto opened @ 4000 rpm. Check out the product information in here:
  2. Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG w/ Armytrix Super Sport Performance exhaust GoPro sound!

    More information (Price & Road sounds) - Quick inquiry - [email protected]
  3. MINI COOPER R56 fitted with Armytrix Super Sport Valvetronic Exhaust System

    More info: Exhaust installed by Redline Auto Thailand It sounds absolutely fabulous!
  4. SCREAMING GODZILLA - GT-R R35 w/ Armytrix Exhaust BRUTAL REVS!

    Asian Auto
    Official website: Quick inquiry: [email protected]
  5. Porsche 981 Boxster fitted with Armytrix cat-back valvetronic exhaust system, fascinating launch-start exhaust sound!

    The Super Sport exhaust system lowers the back pressure and gives Porsche 981 Boxster/Cayman more power, it increases responsiveness and offers a deep sporty sound that grows to an aggressive roar when driven hard but still has no droning. Our Valvetronic (valve control system) is leading the...
  6. Repost from NAGTROC - Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust - I took the plunge!

    Asian Auto
    Here is the review from one of our customers purchased Armytrix GT-R R35 Evolution Cat-back Valvetronic Exhaust What the full set sounds like..? Original post:
  7. Few more rear end photos of the LB Performance Ferrari 458 Italia fitted with the Armytrix Ti Exhaust

    Here are few more rear part photos of the LB Performance Ferrari 458 Italia fitted with the Armytrix F1 ver. Titanium Valvetronic Exhaust photo credits: SPEEDHUNTERS Larry Chen We will try to get some exhaust sound clips soon... Revving limited to 4000 RPM for this Ferrari 458
  8. Armytrix Exhaust will be collaborating with LB Performance in SEMA Las Vegas!

    Ferrari 458 Armytrix F1. ver titanium Valvetronic Exhaust complete video:
  9. Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce China limited edition with Armytrix titanium exhaust!

    F1 screaming exhaust sound World lightest LP670-4 titanium valvetronic exhaust built by Armytrix
  10. Armytrix F1 ver. Valvetronic Exhaust for Audi S5 V6T/V8 - amazing LOUD sound!

    If you have any questions please contact us [email protected] or PM us for more details.
  11. Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV fitted with Armytrix titanium Valvetronic exhaust, Monster exhaust sound!

    This valvetronic exhaust system is custom built in titanium for a client in Super Car China (SCC), not only it increases the hp & torque performance, with Armytrix cat-bypass pipe and unique muffler acoustic engineering, creating an extremely LOUD Monster roar exhaust sound! Stock weight: 23.8...
  12. World lightest Ferrari 458 Italia/Spider Armytrix F1 ver. Titanium Valvetronic Exhaust!

    Armytrix Ferrari 458 Titanium exhaust is currently the world lightest exhaust with 3 mode valve system, it delivers an intoxicating deep sporty F1 sound from the high-flow catalytic converters and the sophisticate design of the mufflers. Our valvetronic system offers 3 modes, On, Off and Auto...