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  1. Automotive
    Since Underground Racing luckily owns two Lamborghini Gallardo’s, they’ve decided to put one of these prized supercars on the market. This one in particular has been heavily modded, starting with the capacity to produce 2200 BHP (when running VP Import Race Fuel). The list is extensive, but...
  2. Automotive
    Underground Racing has modded a ton of Lamborghinis in their time, mostly revving up various Gallarados. What they’ve done with the Italian supercar company’s Huracan, however, was record breaking. UR turbocharged the Huracan to output a ludicrous 2300 HP from its standard 5.2 litre V10 engine...
  3. Lamborghini
    The fact that a Bugatti Veyron has over 1000 hp is mindblowing. Is it necessary to have this much horsepower? Of course not, but thats what makes it so special. Now, what if I told you that there is a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera with over 2000 hp? Underground Racing was given a...
  4. Lamborghini
    We were at Palm Beach International Raceway working on our project GTR and met with these guys. Thought I'd share the video. Enjoy!
  5. L4P Racing
    :thumbup: Since we are coming up on the breaking formulas for making insane POWER, why dont we have the REAL KING OF THE STREETS!! Hennessey Venom GT 1200hp Spyder vs UR "R" Version 1500+ WHP TT Gallardo (one of many) This race would determine the KING OF BOOST. just simple and plain. The 2...
  6. European Auto
    2.2 seconds to 60mph in an Aventador thanks to a pair of Underground Racing's ridiculous turbochargers. Faster than the 2.4 second sprint of the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport and the Koenigsegg Agera R's 2.9 seconds. soo sick watch the video at Must-See: 1,200hp Underground Racing Twin-Turbo Lambo...
  7. Lamborghini
    This.. :) I almost fell out of my chair when I caw these pics. Way too awesome not to share. Specs: ADV5.21 SL's 20x8.5 20x12 Gloss Black 2 piece Ti center cap Michelin Sport Cup's Boost By UGR
  8. Lamborghini
    My money is on an Underground Racing 1200 TT Aventador. Just wrote a blog post on it. More intel here: For The Love Of Speed: Aventador Twin-Turbo: Who Will Do It First? Any opinions?
  9. Lamborghini
    Party I went to on Friday night. I wish we could have all made it onto the runway...:)
  10. Lamborghini
    Way too tired to do a full write up right now, but had a blast in Charlotte. To sum up my car for now...ABSOLUTELY SICK!!! Things just pulls and pulls and pulls...even hooking WOT in 1st gear with the R888s (at 975whp on pump). Then from the build quality and product itself to taking the time to...
  11. Lamborghini
    Well after owning several Gallardos and having ridden/driven some of my friend's TT cars it was just a matter of time until I sent one. I did a ton of prior research on which tuner to go with and ended up choosing no less than the TT Gods of Underground Racing. As of now I am sending my car for...
  12. GR3
    Looks like gR Rally is turning into Twin Turbo Mecca. Good stuff! Come on Underground and Hennessey. Come out and Play. :clap:
1-13 of 14 Results