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  1. Ferrari
    LaFerrari spotted in Dubai, UAE. Again :clap: Details - LaFerrari spotted AGAIN in Dubai, UAE. | Car Culture Lifestyle
  2. Land Rover
    Hey guys, some might have heard about my video already and I thought I already shared it with you, but seems I forgot to do so! So, here for you guys, the most famous Range Rover in the world (I guess) or at least the one with the most unique exterior:
  3. Automotive
    So the question came in from Mercedes PR. We have an AMG event at Yas Marina, would you like to come? Our response... Yes, if we can drive the SLS AMG GT3 :lol: When the email came back saying yes... we :clap: Full feature Mercedes SLS AMG GT3. Driven. Yas Marina. UAE | Crank and Piston Car...
  4. Photography
    Hi Guys! This is where I'll post my pictures, both car and non-car related! I mainly do car spotting but sometimes I do other stuff! Like me on Facebook! Mehran the Car Spotter (aka Eccentric M) | Facebook Check out my Flickr! Flickr: Eccentric M's Photostream Check out my Youtube...
  5. Automotive
    Had the pleasure of shooting one of the most captivating cars on sale at the moment this past weekend. Drool worthy to say the least.. The full set will be live soon
  6. Ferrari
    Last weekend I filmed the start of the Ferrari Owners Club of UAE F1 Parade to Abu Dhabi for the GP. Hope you all like the video!
  7. Ferrari
    I recently uploaded a video of my friends new 599 GTO, he is also the President of the Ferrari Owners Club UAE. Unfortunately he didn't take her on the track that much since he just got it and didn't want to take the risk of damaging it in any way. Hope you like the video!
  8. Ferrari
    Around two weeks ago I was invited to join a Ferrari Owners Club UAE track day, by the club President. The track day was meant for handicapped children to experience a few laps around the Club Circuit, at the Dubai Autodrome in a Ferrari. So here's a video of what happened that day, enjoy...
1-8 of 10 Results