twin turbo

  1. Audi
    We’re usually pretty patient… but it’s really tough when you know your ride is under the knife at Heffner Performance getting a twin-turbo kit installed. Every second of anxiety was well worth it though; a realization we quickly came to after experiencing the first nauseatingly fast...
  2. Audi
    When we took delivery of our 2017 Audi R8 V10 a couple of months back it wasn’t enough for us to just be the first to install performance wheels from the likes of HRE, Adv.1, and Rotiform on a 2nd generation R8 – we wanted more. We carefully brainstormed ways on how to take this German supercar...
  3. Photography
    Hey L4P, Here's another behind the scenes video I've put together. This production was for HRE Wheels and Starwood Motors. We lined up one of the nicest private hangars in Dallas featuring a few incredible private jets. Of course we needed some beautiful cars to match the already incredible...
  4. Lamborghini
    Our latest Gallardo VF760 Supercharger catalogs are now available for download. **UPDATE** High Resolution catalog now available for direct download: Click here Click here to enquire We are available anytime to assist. p: 714-528-0066 e: [email protected]
  5. Lamborghini
    Hello All. Wanted to share a quick video I threw together for my friends shop. They're currently prepping this car for a in house fabricated TT kit. Enjoy!
  6. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    Heres a look as Jay Leno goes in depth about his 1924 Bentley TT. Definitely a huge fan of this sweet ride!!
  7. Lamborghini
    We were at Palm Beach International Raceway working on our project GTR and met with these guys. Thought I'd share the video. Enjoy!
  8. Lamborghini
    This twin turbo beauty features our ADV 5.2.1 SL Series wheel. I'm in love! :clap: Enjoy
  9. MBZ
    Does everyone else love the new CLS as much as I do? A huge improvement over the previous model and an awesome daily driver! This particular CLS is outfitted with our ADV5 wheel and has a tinted brushed face / lip. Enjoy the photos!
  10. Lamborghini
    This particular Gallardo actually had some mileage under it with a Heffner twin-turbo system already installed. But the owner apparently has some insatiable thirst for more power so he sent the car back to be given even more juice. Working with ZR Auto, the owner wanted to get a new motor...
  11. Corvette/Viper
    Here's our custom C6 Twin Turbo Lingenfelter we built! This project started 2 weeks ago when our customer Chini Baba called us up to customize his Twin Turbo Lingenfelter. We were under a major time constraint but got the job done. This was a FULL Color change. Engine bay, jams, EVERYTHING was...
  12. Supercars
    I hadn't found anything across the forum when I did a few searches, but I was curious how long a UGR build takes? Not brand new R&D one (like the Aventador) but a customer project. And does anyone know how long the wait currently is? -DD
  13. American Auto
  14. Lamborghini
    George also known as "Liquid Assets" on L4P... Called George at Platinum Motorsport... and then he called George at JP Logistics to pick up his car... Is it me, or do all "George's" have great minds!? :lol: We got the go ahead that the MATTE WHITE GALLARDO is ready and all done! Platinum went...
  15. Supercars
    George also known as "Liquid Assets" on L4P... Called George at Platinum Motorsport... and then he called George at JP Logistics to pick up his car... Is it me, or do all "George's" have great minds!? :lol: We got the go ahead that the MODIFIED GALLARDO is ready and all done! Platinum went...
  16. Lamborghini
    Enjoy :wink:
  17. Lamborghini
    Way too tired to do a full write up right now, but had a blast in Charlotte. To sum up my car for now...ABSOLUTELY SICK!!! Things just pulls and pulls and pulls...even hooking WOT in 1st gear with the R888s (at 975whp on pump). Then from the build quality and product itself to taking the time to...
  18. Lamborghini
    Well after owning several Gallardos and having ridden/driven some of my friend's TT cars it was just a matter of time until I sent one. I did a ton of prior research on which tuner to go with and ended up choosing no less than the TT Gods of Underground Racing. As of now I am sending my car for...
  19. Lamborghini
    Picked up a new Verde Ithaca Gallardo 6 speed car to send for twin turbos. Below are some quick pics & videos from when I received the car. What it will look like soon :) The manual gearbox is 100x better than the egear car. Way smoother, you actually feel a part of the...