1. Tour Inside Dubai // The best collections, locations, etc.

    Hello L4P, I've just released a video showing my adventure to the Middle East (U.A.E., Bahrain, and Oman) where I got to shoot some of the best car collections in the world, see some of the more exclusive parts of the automotive lifestyle there, and overall just have a grand ol' time. I've...
  2. Chennai To Tirupati Tour Package | Chennai Car Travels

    We are provide Chennai To Tirupati tour package, rent-a-car services that area unit pioneer in providing cost-efficient costs ranging from Indica Rs. 4,000/-, Indigo Rs. 4500/-, Tavera Rs. 5500/-, Xylo Rs. 6000/-, Innova Rs. 6500/- with up to Tirumala not solely Tirupati. While not disbursal...
  3. TheChazz's Round-the-World trip!

    Hey guys! I am not the most avid poster here, however I have had the pleasure of meeting several of you on different occasions! I am posting here to track my upcoming trip and see if any of you are along the way! It all starts December 30th! I will be visiting Dubai, Bologna, Modena, London...
  4. My recent trip to NYC

    I was in New York City last week as a guest of the Peruvian Government, I did a short write up and pictures on my site. New York |
  5. - The Most Epic Vacation You've Ever Been On? -

    So I'm getting into a period of my life where I really am appreciating experiences over possessions. Looking to do more travelling. To date my favourites have been: Whistler, British Columbia Lake Tahoe, California On my list of must do vacations I have: Santorini, Greece The Maldives Bora...
  6. Lufthansa Cargo - Around the World Documentary

    Came across another documentary on youtube. Thought it was a cool find plus it shows how a Maybach is shipped via the MD-11. Enjoy before it's gone!
  7. Headed to the Dominican

    Hey guys I am taking a trip to DR and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or what cigars I can enjoy while I am there. Hoping to pick something up that is not sold in the U.S. Also I am relatively new to cigars so I am looking for something in the Mild or Medium range, I am willing to try...
  8. My Trip to Iran!

    My trip i took a few months ago! Such a beautiful place! Always fun to go back home and see some family! Just some of my pics i thought I should share.
  9. Euro Delivery in Munich - Need ideas

    I just received my delivery date for my E93. I'll be picking up the car in Munich in early April. I've been to Europe before but never to Grrrmany. I'm looking for any suggestions of what to do/see and maybe where to stay in Munich.
  10. recent travels: costa rica, china, italy (and more!)

    Well I've been out of the picture for a while and am just getting back to regular forum use, so here's some pictures from my travels over the past year :-) COSTA RICA: punta catedral by Richard Thompson III, on Flickr asleep. by Richard Thompson III, on Flickr hummingbird by Richard...
  11. Anything going on in the south from wensday till monday.

    Well i am in upstate right now, i walked out side got to cold went back inside, and made the decision to go south. So wensday i am fueling the car and heading where ever the road takes me. Does anyone know of anything going on in the south, i will probally end up in FL but if there are any ideas...