1. Help with car transport from Memphis to Atlanta

    Hey guys, I need help finding someone to ship my Ferrari from Memphis to Atlanta for me; does anyone know of, or have any experience with any reputable guys based in the mid-south? Thanks
  2. Shipped my car from LA to Atlanta and it was damaged, what should i do

    I Shipped my car from La to Atlanta using a company that had good ratings and they hired this really small unprofessional company to ship my car and they damaged my car, i took the car to get an estimate of how much the damage would cost and it was over $1500 and this small company is refusing...
  3. FLOYD MAYWEATHER GETS AN AVENTADOR! Picked up from O'Gara Coach Company and transported by JP Logistics.

    Where does Floyd Mayweather get his cars from? O'Gara Coach Company... Who does he only trust and use to transport his cars? JP Logistics. Enjoy the photos!
  4. Aventador Stupidity

    I hate to be the one to bring this up, but while our single car carrier was moving a Bug from the corporate office he snapped this pic of a brand new Aventador being transported :bitenails::bitenails::bitenails:. Come on really :confused::confused::confused: ? Who was the smart one. Im not...
  5. Bugatti Live Video on the web

    JP Logistics will have a live video starting 8/18 from Pebble Beach and the Concorso with all 6 for sure maybe 7 Bugatti's that we will be delivering along with videos for Aventador, Performante, Rolls Royce Ghost, SLR Mansopry, Platinum Motorsports Bentley, and many many more web feed can be...
  6. Targa Trophy Sponsor Links

    Targa Trophy
    I would like to ask all the sponsors to post their links/FB page/ Videos/ and other media here for every one. FB Page JP Logistics & Motorsports, Inc. - Automotive - Sun Valley, CA | Facebook Twitter JP Logistics (jplogistics) on Twitter
  7. It's Official

    Targa Trophy
    Thanks to Jason @ Targa for making it happen and coming to a mutual agreement with JP. YOU NEED TRANSPORT? YOU NEED JP LOGISTICS! | Targa Trophy 2011
  8. *JP Logistics & Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 4*

    JP Logistics would like to Thank everyone who came out and supported ULE4 at the Auto Club Speedway. As some of you may know, JP Logistics was the official sponsor of ULE4. We had great sponsors this year for ULE & it would have not been possibly to have such a great event without great proud...
  9. Was it JP ? Are you FAMOUS ?

    Did JP Move your car? Did FAMOUS work on your car? If not your missing out. This is what we call TEAM WORK !!!
  10. Some Love for our M fans...

    Here is a quick look at what has taken place at JP Logistics & Active Autowerke. Here is a brief description of the conversation I (George) and Omar at Active had. Omar: G man I have a M that needs to go to AutoTalent on 5/12 by noon. It is ready to go 5/9 and we need your single car exclusive...

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    How about this... 3 White GTC's for Bentley Beverly Hills. Something about a white Bentley that just stands out...
  12. Bugatti 001

    European Auto
    Here is some more eye candy from JP Logistics & Bugatti Beverly Hills. 001 on the move to a very special client on the very exclusive O'Gara Coach Companies truck and trailer owned by JP Logistics. It takes 2 to tango baby...
  13. First one in the US

    European Auto
    The only way they wanted it moved to the proving grounds was on a single car carrier with a lift gate. JP Logistic is the only carrier in the nation with it. here is a teaser of it...
  14. 05 Gallardo for "DONBLACKIE"

    Here are some pictures of the 05 Gallardo we moved for one of the members of 4. Don aka donblackie. This is his first exotic, so lets all congratulate him and wish him a safe drive with the new toy... He bought the vehicle from San Fran, then drove it to our terminal, and thats when we loaded...
  15. 2011 Bentley Mulsanne for Bentley Beverly Hills

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    We just moved this for Bentley Beverly Hills for one of the Hawks players.
  16. Transport

    I know its to early for some, but we have already started booking transport for GR3. If you need to get rates or want to place your transport order, feel free to contact us. Early bird always gets more love... Pick your poison for your baby to be moved in... 6 car carrier Exclusive 1 car...
  17. Would you like to see this show up by your house?

    Would you like to see this truck deliver your vehicle with this truck? A new way to transport the vehicle for O'Gara Coach and their customers. A great partnership between 2 of the greatest companies in their respective industries. Video of the installation Pictures of the complete...
  18. 2 Veyron's in 1 Day

    European Auto
    Here is a very rookie video I made with my iPhone of us delivering 2 Veyron's in 1 day...

    Here is a couple of pics we took before shipping a brand new 458 for a customer on our exclusive carrier... Transit time 8 hours. Total of 598 miles. ( :wink::bitenails: We had to bend the law by speeding in order to make the customer happy) It was a Thanksgiving gift from the wife to the...

    Just picked up the following 2 vehicles from Lotus NA and on its way to LA Auto Show... cars with trucks... The 4 door sedan was actually made out of wood, and it weighted over 8,000 pounds. They needed our climate controlled enclosed unit in order to keep it from cracking paint or anything...