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  1. Automotive
    Sporting 700 brake horsepower and weighing 2,143 pounds dry, the Brabham BT62 is one hardcore track car. After months of releasing teasers, the Brabham BT62 has been officially introduced and will be limited to just 70 units with a starting price around $1.4 million (£1 million plus taxes). The...
  2. MBZ
    First off Happy New Year to everyone! Make it a prosperous year. I though I would share a little edit I put together with, of the new AMG GT S driving Thermal Race club. It is all go pro and cell phone footage, so don't mind the quality. Regardless I figured L4P would enjoy.
  3. L4P Racing
    I wanted to share some pics/info about my E46 M3 track car with the L4P community. I have a thorough write-up on m3f with more pictures and text than is allowed here, so please see the link below. Thanks
  4. South/Southwest
    All information is at link below: Track Day & Meet @ Streets of Willow hosted by: Mulholland Auto Club | Facebook Pre-Register TODAY!! Download The Attached Form. Confirmation will be sent to you immediately. What: Mulholland Auto Club is hosting an Open Track event! Open to Any Make & Model...
  5. Asian Auto
    In our quest to lose some weight for better track times we dropped the stock cat-back like most of you on here do. I've heard all different ways of people keeping their mid-pipe up so it's not dragging on the ground. Well, we made our own dump with hanger with OEM fitment. Flanges are machined...
  6. Ferrari
    The 2012 Sport and Collection event took place last weekend and Sunday marked the Ferrari-only parade. Almost every Ferrari model ever built was represented and the event served to raise money for cancer research. VIDEO AT 200-Plus Ferraris Gather on the Track for Charity in France
  7. Ferrari
    Out of all the Ferrari I've seen on track, this one is #1. Without a doubt. By far the loudest and most impressive thing on a track. Even beats my personal favorite, the Ferrari Enzo, as well as the F1 Clienti (maybe I'm just over-enthusiastic and biased?)! The 333SP has a V12 with 650hp, but...
  8. Maserati
    Recently, I've seen 2 of the 12 MC12 Corsa built... In less than a month. This one was better though, because ... IT'S ON THE TRACK! :D
  9. Ferrari
    Recently I participated in a Ferrari Owners Club UAE track evening at the Dubai Autodrome and was fortunate enough to go for a few laps in a 430 Scuderia, so here's a video!
  10. Automotive
    I honestly thought the prices would be cheaper when I posted this, but I compared prices and this is by far the cheapest rental racecar you can get that isn't a 944/914/SpecMiata. Will run the following times at tracks. 1:33 - Big Willow 1:42 - Laguna Seca 1:54 - CalSpeedway 2:48 - Spring...
  11. Lamborghini
    Lamborghini organized some test drives on track at Bologna's Motorshow for its best costumers using all latests models: the LP700-4 Aventador, the Gallardo SuperTrofeo Stradale, the Gallardo Spyder Performante and the Gallardo Bicolore. All drivers were quite skilled, especially the one that...
  12. McLaren
    Today McLaren of Newport Beach was gracious enough to let me come down and test drive one of their two McLaren MP4-12Cs that they are now proud owners of. They have decided to purchase and keep both cars for the dealership! Currently the McLaren Dealership is under construction. The new...
  13. Lamborghini
    Apparently the Sesto Elemento concept from 2010 is going to get a limited production of just 20 models. It's also going to be track-use only :confused: For an estimated $2.5 million, that better be a seriously fun track car. Anyone planning on buying? More intel on my latest blog post here...
  14. Automotive
    Took my camaro to the track! Thank god for traction control! Such an awesome day! Enjoy!
  15. Porsche
    Hey guys, This 2011 Black and bronze themed GT3RS came into us in preparation for the One-Lap of America event. On tap was the SharkWerks Exhaust, the EVOMSit Software, light-weight HRE P40 CL Monoblok wheels and RSS suspension links. With track-usage in mind we also performed our coolant pipe...
  16. Aston Martin
    To all of our Aston Martin owners. Please bring your vehicles and enjoy the day... This is the best time to get to know your vehicle better. Aston Martin Beverly Hills will have their custom enclosed transporter along with their service technicians, instructors, food and all the goodies that...
  17. Automotive
    I wanted to give this a try and drive the new 458, has anyone done this and if so what is there opinion on it, $400 for a few laps in the ferrari sound good to me.
  18. Ferrari drive the Ferrari Scuderia at GTGP in the Tuner Class. Cort Wagner, one of America’s most accomplished race drivers in multiple makes and numerous series over the last two decades will take seat to Pilot the Ferrari. Cort has extensive experience driving for Ferrari and won the 2002 and...
  19. Ferrari
    To make you (American) guys even more excited, I decited to upload my 4th video of a Ferrari 458 Italia ;) They are pretty popular with me :P This time the video shows the engine, inside, detail and even the car alarm (wasnt my bad!) Check it out if you want: YouTube - FERRARI 458 FULL REVIEW...
1-19 of 22 Results