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  1. Autos/Auto Related
    I prefer Avocado Green, so the color of this toyota sienta immediately caught my heart.
  2. Automotive
    Just a week after they were revealed, the very first 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and the first Toyota Supra have sold. And though we still don't know what the MSRP is going to be, it's safe to say that this one traded hands for well above that figure. Because the Mustang sold for a cool $1.1...
  3. Automotive
    After decades of waiting, endless teasers, and many leaked photos, the revived Toyota Supra has FINALLY been unveiled at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show in all its glory. The styling should look pretty familiar to you. The rear three-quarters and side profile are arguably its best angles, making...
  4. Automotive
    Toyota is a brand known for its affordability, but that core ethos won’t find its way into the automaker’s forthcoming supercar. In a recent interview with Motoring, Toyota Australia sales and marketing chief Sean Hanley provided a rough idea of how much the production version of the GR Super...
  5. Automotive
    Toyota has confirmed plans to build a hybrid hypercar based on the 1,000 hp GR Super Sport Concept. The Japanese automaker confirmed it is working on the next-generation hybrid hypercar in France today ahead of the 86th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Lessons learned throughout its six-year...
  6. Asian Auto
    Our kits are the number one choice among the custom car audio community. These kits are designed to be grafted into the dash panel of your car. Fabrication skills are required to install this kit. We build them Custom to order through our online store and are a SoundmanCA authorized...
  7. 4x4Play
    We get the opportunity to work on some pretty cool cars over here at the Al & Ed's Autosound Marina Del Rey, Ca. We are one of the full shops that specialize in creating custom mounting options for vehicles that really have no other options. This was a great opportunity to use the Focal...
  8. Automotive
    Good read on why hybrids are suited for highway driving as well being equipped with an Atkinson cycle engine: Direct from the experts
  9. Asian Auto
    2014 TOYOTA 4RUNNER BODY LIFT 3"/2" 18" WHEELS 33" TIRES MATTE GREY WRAP WITH SATIN ACCENTS 7318 W SUNSET Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 323-876-1033| [email protected]|
  10. Autos/Auto Related
    -What is your First & Last name?: K.A. Wilson -What is your email?: [email protected] -What is your City? : Atlanta -What is your State? : Ga -What is your Zipcode? : 30319 I've owned this car for approx 5 years and detailed the build process on Supraforums. My goal was to build a daily...
  11. Asian Auto
    The body of a Cape Town man has been found in his vehicle (Toyota GT-86) down a cliff between Gordon's Bay and Koelbaai. His family feared that his car might have left the road after he was driving on the R44 from Arabella Golf Estate to Cape Town at about 3pm on 13th April 2013. The wreck was...
  12. Asian Auto
    Anyone on the 4 know what old FJ40 Land Cruisers are worth? I've been looking at a few recently and it seems like there are some big price variations and it usually isn't for an obvious reason. I'm very interested in a 1978 with 77k original miles, hard top not included but it seems to have...
  13. Automotive
    Six 10 Lifestyle 1097 NE 45th Street Ft. Lauderdale Fl, 33334 Six 10 Motoring 954-401-1102
  14. Asian Auto
    Cleanest white MKIV I've seen in a while! pics by EAT SLEEP RACE
  15. Asian Auto
    Hey everyone, I just came back from California to my homeland, Korea, 1 month ago. I was really looking forward to upgrading my supra but it looks like I might be headed out to New Zealand to help with my mom's business soon. I will really hate to see her go, but the good side is I'll probably...
  16. Asian Auto
    I was told by the owner that this vehicle cranks out 750 HP. I am no expert on Supras..but the engine looked and sounded impressive. He was *slightly* inebriated when he drove in this pardon the driving quality. I think this is an awesome car nonetheless and worth sharing.
  17. 4x4Play
    Here is a project that we worked on for a looooooooong time. This truck has had just about every surface touched on it. 2009 Tundra Crew Max Suprcharged V-8 Heddmann headers 503/Magnaflow exhaust HID conversion heads and fogs color matched chrome Tinted tails/heads concealed lock handles...
1-17 of 18 Results