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  1. Automotive
    Once upon a time, Richard Hammond introduced us to the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 on Top Gear. Now one of his successors on the BBC motoring show, Matt LeBlanc, has introduced us to something even bigger and with even more wheels – the Avtoros Shaman 8×8. The Avtoros Shaman is a Russian creation...
  2. Automotive
    The Bugatti Veyron is one of the more heralded hypercars around. It was named Car of the Decadeandbest car award (2000–2009) by the BBC television program Top Gear. The Super Sport version of the car is even recognized by Guinness World Records as the fastest street-legal production car in the...
  3. Supercars
    Hi all, Just wanted to share this video with you all that i made last Sunday at a charity event, one of the UK's celebrities turned up with his LaFerrari! It is the No.1 build in the world and the first in the UK, it arrived on Wednesday and he brought it down to the track on the Sunday, he...
  4. Automotive
    Just saw this article on the 5 Cars Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson was wrong about. What do you think?? 5 Cars Jeremy Clarkson was Wrong About -
  5. Automotive
    there are way to many for me to post here and if i did it would load slower than your grandma could run a 5k. i cant resize them on the forum i guess sorry. so here are my favs the rest can be found in the links below. get your desktop SWAG on! TOP GEAR desktop wallpaper! part three of three...
  6. Lamborghini
    Link Read the last paragraph. I've read about just that in other news articles over the past few weeks, but sorry I can't find those articles again. So what do you think about the Estoque? Would it be something you'd want? I'd like the looks of it on Top Gear...
1-6 of 7 Results