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  1. Automotive
    I was at Cars and Coffee Dallas and saw this classic car get pulled over. It seems the cops were out of line in this case. The guy did not break the posted speed limit and one almost gets the sense that he was pulled over simply because he has a nicer car than the officer will ever own. What...
  2. Miscellaneous goods
    Yep, got another one. Here are the details: British Airways Roundtrip First Class ticket (I only have one for sale right now. Depending on your itinerary, I can check to see if there's another open seat on that flight for your companion). LINK TO THEIR FIRST CLASS CABIN...
  3. Miscellaneous goods
    I'm selling my K40 RD850 radar detector. I bought it new for $350 and is the best detector I have ever had. Extremely well taken care of as you can tell. Definitely a superior product than your average detector. K40 guarantees you will not get a ticket while using this detector, or you send...
1-3 of 3 Results