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  1. Automotive
    After some new camera equipment arrived in the mail today I had go out and play. Here's the result of a quick test with Darryl Grant's new STi. Let's shoot some exotics next!
  2. McLaren
    Today McLaren of Newport Beach was gracious enough to let me come down and test drive one of their two McLaren MP4-12Cs that they are now proud owners of. They have decided to purchase and keep both cars for the dealership! Currently the McLaren Dealership is under construction. The new...
  3. L4P Racing
    Taken from the aerospace industry, FIA tested a typ of canopy taken from a F-16 fighter for F1 cars. By firing a tire with 140mph against the current in use windshield and the possible future version, the deflection and damage done was tested. The result looks amazing, but I hope it never...
1-4 of 4 Results