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  1. The best supercar test drives from Russia

    Hi all. Top Gear is dead but I'd like to share new channel with subs for some cool test drives from Russia. Most attention I payed to Davidich. Eric Davidich (real name: David Kituashvili) is the most famous Russian auto-fan, streetracer, big fan of BMW. Previous personal Eric's cars: Mercedes...
  2. Watch This Crazy LED Ferrari 360 Modena Rip Through Tokyo

    American Steve Feldman was in Tokyo having dinner with friends and offered up an indecent proposal : if he covered the bill, he could test drive his new friend's crazy-customized Ferrari 360 Modena all the way from Tokyo to Yokohama. What do you think? Would you let him have the wheel if this...
  3. Jay Leno Driving the McLaren P1 (same as the one I spotted) BEAST.

    2014 McLaren P1 - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube Jay Leno gets to drive the P1 i spotted a while ago. This car is just incredible. In a league of its own. The thread with pictures of it that I took:
  4. Jaguar XKR-S Convertible Video - 1/25 in the US this year!

    European Auto
    A few weeks ago I spent a glorious day shooting and videoing the new Jaguar XKR-S Convertible. Only 25 will be brought to the states this year, 100 in all. Lots of driving action in this video after the 3 minute mark. Sound was recorded with 3D mics, so I'd recommend headphones if you have them...
  5. 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8 in Action - Video

    American Auto
    Last week I had the new Grand Cherokee SRT8 for a couple days to video for WR. Really impressed with this package, SRT outdid themselves. Handling, acceleration (especially off the line), and braking are brutal...just as you'd hope they would be! Enjoy the video, hopefully it gives an accurate...
  6. Scion FR-S Test Drive GoPro Video - Driving impressions on the little guy

    Asian Auto
    Test drove the new Scion FR-S yesterday, just off the top of my head, here are some high points: 1. It has four wheels, which seemed very round when I inspected them. 2. Doors with which to enter and leave the car (you don't have to enter through the windows or the top or bottom of the vehicle)...
  7. I thought you can't do this with the Aventador!!

    When I was in Geneva show in March, I asked the representative specifically whether or not it is possible to raise the spoiler, and he said it is not possible, only if you go over a certain speed, which was not a legal speed.. Then watched 100s of videos with Lamborghini always saying the same...
  8. Video Test Drive of a Porsche Panamera S

    The shirt I'm wearing today is for an online auto financing company, so I decided to test drive the Panamera. I was supposed to be in a Turbo, but it was on another test drive when I got there and couldn't wait. Hope you enjoy the video, it's not a bad ride (I bet the Turbo is much more fun)...
  9. ferrari test drive?

    hey guys im traveling to italy for a week or so.. and i was wondering if i can get a ferrari test drive while im there. any clues or information on where and how? thanks guys