1. Silence and Skiing in Switzerland for $19 Million

    Real Estate
    Do you hate crowded resorts? Does your head throb at the thought of large, social events? If so, this stunning Swiss chalet may be the answer to all your woes. Tucked deeply into the Vaud Alps, the Villars-sur-Ollon resorts can be your new favorite escape for a small fortune: $19,776,268 to be...
  2. These Top 5 Bars in The World Will Leave You Absolutely Breathless

    We’ve all been there: the clock strikes five and finally the workday is over. You head home, looking forward to some much-needed time off and suddenly, it’s Friday night and realize you have no plans. With the whole weekend ahead of you, what better way to celebrate than with a few libations at...
  3. Switzerland: The Chedi Supercar Weekend | September 20th/21st

    Hello everyone! There will be a very special event in Switzerland this year: The Chedi Supercar Weekend. It takes place on September 20th and 21st. "The Chedi Supercar Weekend in Andermatt brings together the most prestigious and uncom-promising supercars of the past and present. It of-fers...
  4. the MonoTracer

    Hey Guys Not many know it, the ones who know it, love it: the MonoTracer. It's a very efficiently Cabin Motorcycle built in Winterthur, Switzerland. I've seen it during the AERO (International Aviation Fair) in Friedrichshafen, Germany and I must say, I really like it!! Now some own pictures...
  5. Advice on Swiss hotels

    Hi all. I've got a trip to Basel coming up and (for various reasons that are probably not relevent right now) I need to stay somewhere impressive. It's a first for me so any advice is appreciated I have a list of these hotels. Do you know which have the most "swag" or if there are any others...