1. Your First Look at the New Aston Martin DBX, Brand’s First SUV

    Aston Martin has started testing its first SUV. That means we get not just a look at it, but a name to go with it. It’s not getting a fancy name like Valkyrie or Vantage — this is now officially the Aston Martin DBX. And this is it tackling a rally stage in Wales. The drive of this first...
  2. Ferrari Purosangue SUV Prototype Caught on Video

    A video of a suspected prototype for the Ferrari Purosangue SUV has been uploaded to YouTube, giving us our first glimpse at the Italian brand’s first-ever utility vehicle. The prototype is based on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso and features lifted, loosely sprung suspension. In the video, the vehicle...
  3. Bugatti May be the Next Supercar Company to Make an SUV

    Lamborghini’s SUV is already on sale, Ferrari and Aston Martin have theirs on the way and now Bugatti is considering a high-performance utility as well. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann said the brand is “ready for more,” in regards to its product...
  4. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan: Big Luxury Gets Even Bigger

    The Rolls-Royce Cullinan has finally been revealed as the first SUV ever from the ultra luxurious British marque. The Cullinan is built on an all-aluminum architecture and carries on RR tradition by being boxy, elegantly in-your-face, and using rear-hinged coach doors. It’s powered by a smooth...
  5. Maybach Concept is an SUV-Sedan Mish-Mash and it's Weird

    The  Mercedes-Maybach  Concept for the 2018 Beijing auto show has leaked online ahead of its debut. The latest concept from Mercedes’ super luxury sub-brand is not what we were expecting when we first saw teaser images for the vehicle. Instead of a traditional SUV with a hatchback-style...
  6. Land Rover Range Rover Sport on ADV5.2 MV1 SL by Wheels Boutique

    European Auto
    Back at it again with the white…Range? Every time we get this British bruiser in-house we like to do something different. We didn’t want this Range Rover Sport sitting too high on these perfectly proportionate 24” ADV5.2 monoblocks so we made sure that a drop was involved. With the help of a...
  7. We Couldn't Wait for Dodge Any Longer so We Went Ahead and Built Our Own Hellcat Cherokee

    There comes a point where you get tired of all the speculation and rumors and you just want some concrete answers. Are they going to make a Hellcat Cherokee or are they not? Will it be released in 2016 or will in come out in ’17? How much horsepower will it have? How fast and loud will it be...
  8. Wheels Boutique - BMW X5M x HRE S200

    European Auto
    Eat your heart out soccer moms! With a twin-turbo V8 pumping out over 550 horses and the first SUV ever equipped with HRE’s brand new S200 forged 3-piece wheel, this isn’t just another grocery getter. This BMW X5M officially kicks off production on the new-for-‘16 S2 line by HRE Performance...
  9. You've Never Seen A Land Rover Like This Before

    How do you make a luxury off-road vehicle more awesome? Why, turn it into a convertible, of course. Iconic British Brand, Land Rover , will unveiling its brand new Evoque Convertible in November at the Los Angeles International Auto Show and it’ll be vailable to buy in Spring 2016, just in...
  10. 13 Things You Need to Know About The Luxury Electric Tesla SUV

    Tesla  calls it “the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history.” Here’s what you really need to know about the new Model X. 13. It has “Bioweapon Defense Mode” Has the air in L.A. really gotten that bad? OK, maybe not, but in case you find yourself in the middle of a...
  11. VELLANO VRV Concave on Mercedes Benz G55

    Sport them up with 24" VELLANO on your SUV! VELLANO 24" VRH Concave on Range Rover and VRV Concave on Mercedes Benz G55 / custom cut, concave profiles, sizes and finishes.
  12. Hot! VELLANO VTi Concave >> amazing 26" forged wheels. Brushed/HighPolished Details/Chrome Lip. Images before shipping to customer. Includes past proj

    Wheels & Tires
    Hot! VELLANO VTi Concave >> amazing 26" forged wheels. Brushed/HighPolished Details/Chrome Lip. Images before shipping to customer. Includes past project pictures 24" on Range Rover
  13. Official: Lamborghini Urus to Be Produced in 2018

    A press release has just been issued by Audi AG announcing the production of the Lamborghini Urus. Its official introduction is set for 2018, just one year behind the initially projected date. See the details at: Official: Lamborghini Urus to Be Produced in 2018
  14. ADV.1 | HOT BBW with Nice Juicy Lips | Widebody BMW X6M | Wheels Boutique

    If you're reading this it's too late, the X6M game has officially been killed. I like my SUV's like Drake likes his women, Big and Beautiful. Quoting for Truth Except this ass is on Miami, FL because it was given the Nicki Minaj treatment by Wheels Boutique. It's gone under the knife and...
  15. Prior Design - Mercedes ML Aerodynamic Kit

    Hello Mercedes Fans! Today, we have a beautiful white Mercedes Benz ML W164 with a stunning Prior Design Aerodynamic kit. This kit includes: Front Bumper Rear Bumper Side Skirts Front and Rear widenings Please email us at: [email protected] OR please give us a call at...
  16. Foreign student r in Michigan trying to decide which car to buy! FIRST POST!

    Mid West
    Hello Luxury4Play, this is my first post! I'm a foreign student in Michigan and I'm thinking of buying a car in America for the first time. I was thinking about something that is fun but also practical. Given that it snows a lot, I was thinking an SUV would be best (maybe a BMW X6 or G...
  17. Bentley SUV Gets Green Light

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    Bentley has confirmed today that they will proceed with development on an SUV. The Bentley SUV has been on rocky ground as of late, but I’m glad to see that they have settled. The decision to go ahead with this model comes from extremely positive feedback from customers in the past 16 months...
  18. VIDEO: New Porsche Macan (Cajun) prototyp - stuttgart germany

    Hi all, and again a porsche prototyp in stuttgart germany. Enjoy the video:
  19. What did Lamborghini reveal today?

    I know a few people who were invited to a private unveiling by Lamborghini today in NYC. I was wondering if anyone on here attending and wanted to share the details? I've heard a few rumors... specifically a red Lamborghini SUV to be revealed in Beijing. Any deatils or speculation from anyone...
  20. ***FS: Thomas Classics: Mercedes GL550 4Matic***

    [URL="[/URL] the big boy benz. Like the ruggedness of the G-Class, but need something with more utility than the ML-Class, a perfect solution! this 2008 GL550 is the answer 7-passenger seating, 382 hp V8 motor, All Wheel Drive $49,800 -21" AMG Wheels -7 passenger full leather seating -wood...