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  1. Automotive
    Just a week after they were revealed, the very first 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and the first Toyota Supra have sold. And though we still don't know what the MSRP is going to be, it's safe to say that this one traded hands for well above that figure. Because the Mustang sold for a cool $1.1...
  2. Automotive
    After decades of waiting, endless teasers, and many leaked photos, the revived Toyota Supra has FINALLY been unveiled at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show in all its glory. The styling should look pretty familiar to you. The rear three-quarters and side profile are arguably its best angles, making...
  3. Autos/Auto Related
    -What is your First & Last name?: K.A. Wilson -What is your email?: [email protected] -What is your City? : Atlanta -What is your State? : Ga -What is your Zipcode? : 30319 I've owned this car for approx 5 years and detailed the build process on Supraforums. My goal was to build a daily...
  4. Asian Auto
    not sure, if this has been posted before.
  5. Asian Auto
    Cleanest white MKIV I've seen in a while! pics by EAT SLEEP RACE
  6. Asian Auto
    Hey everyone, I just came back from California to my homeland, Korea, 1 month ago. I was really looking forward to upgrading my supra but it looks like I might be headed out to New Zealand to help with my mom's business soon. I will really hate to see her go, but the good side is I'll probably...
  7. Asian Auto
    I was told by the owner that this vehicle cranks out 750 HP. I am no expert on Supras..but the engine looked and sounded impressive. He was *slightly* inebriated when he drove in this pardon the driving quality. I think this is an awesome car nonetheless and worth sharing.
  8. Asian Auto
    TX2k11 coverage by Mayday Garage "What started as a small, but high quality gathering of Toyota Supras at the old RSI on the west side of Houston nearly 10 years ago, has now become a full on, balls-to-the-wall, super, mega, ginormous, humangous sized, freakishly high horsepower meet.":bow1...
1-8 of 8 Results