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  1. Fashion
    For Sale are my Louis Vuitton Enigme GM Sunglasses Had them since December 2011 - only wore them maybe 4 times. Summer is around the corner, perfect for everyday use. Bought them for $525, asking $400 + Shipping. I have the original box, dust bag and receipt. Let me know if you are...
  2. West
    Hey guys, so I was originally going to post this in fashion, but since it is location/region specific I figured this would make more sense. I have recently bought some clothing that needs to be tailored and I am trying to find a good modern tailor in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area. Does...
  3. Real Estate
    It took 3 years to finnish it but its my future house when my parents go to a better life. Californian style with interior pool for every season parties!:D Total cost: $15,950,000 USD
  4. Fashion
    Just found this new online retailer that specializes in high quality everything. Their philosophy is simple, you can live well with less as long as you surround yourself with high-quality, well made products. Unlike other websites such as jackthreads, plndr, gilt, parkandbond, etc. Woven...
1-4 of 4 Results