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  1. Garage
    This forum is awesome! I want to thank everyone for the design ideas and inspiration to finally get off my butt and get to this major renovation project after living here for 14 years. This represents about 100 man hours of labor over two months but I no longer dread going into the garage...
  2. American Auto
    Slapped with a set of custom Identity Stripes! Ted of Taormino Imports and the guys at San Francisco Sports Cars asked me to help them out with a idea on their Cobras. Ted came up with the idea to replicate the nostalgic style Identity stripes but on the fenders. I went ahead and created these...
  3. Automotive
    Hello l4p Peops! Heres some Ideas I got for the stripes I want to put on the Noble to match the Gold Face/Red Lip wheels I have now. The stripes will be Metallic Gold with a Black outline. Need some help on determining which looks best. In the end I'll go with what I feel to be the best for...
1-3 of 4 Results