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  1. Watches
    This is my first semi-serious watch. I'm a Ducati rider, otherwise my tastes are much more classical than this watch. I thought I would compliment it with one of Rob's straps since the original was a cheesy tire-tread rubber one. The watch feels huge to me, as I'm used to wearing Seikos and...
  2. Watches
    Cartier Roadster custom strap build For some reason I've always liked the Cartier Roadster. Not sure why, I would normally call myself a traditionalist. Maybe its the car connection... I talked to Rob about building a V3 for it, and understandably it isn't on his programme thanks to the...
  3. Watches
    hey everyone i just finished a complete overhaul on a 1963 Kelek Incabloc (60s breitling chrono) and need a nice strap reasonably priced to add to this piece its got some family history and would love to get some wrist time with it! Thanks
  4. Marketplace: Watches/Watch Related
    Rugged and Raw! hey peeps, heres a chance to get one of my earlier model vintage watch straps in brown with peanut butter stitch, in 24mm lug and 22mm buckle end. this thing is super comfortable and soft, wears perfect with pams and kobolds :thumb: L4P price of $125 paypal'd and shipped (buckle...
  5. Marketplace: Watches/Watch Related
    something i thought interesting, but never gets any wrist time, L4P price of $25 paypal'd and shipped 24mm Blue Leather G10 Nato strap w/ polished buckles and loops thanx!
  6. Watches
    a few snaps of another CT Design/Strap Cartel strap super vintage beaten baseball mit strap featuring an original "scar" style stitching. very raw and rough finish!!! who ever decided to pick this is up has great style :whistle:
1-6 of 6 Results