1. SEMA 2011 - GoldBerg Approved - Lexus IS350 / Chameleon Lexo - SSC

    Asian Auto
    Hello Everyone, Here is another car we did for SEMA 2011 this year. We actually sponsored this car from our online store, Sticker Gear | The Number 1 Place for Vinyl related products!. We provided the materials and the customer did the install, who has installed several vehicle wraps prior...
  2. SEMA 2011 - Royal Purple LSR Land Speed Car - Live Install - SSC

    American Auto
    Hello Everyone, We had the opportunity to work with Royal Purple and one its cars, "The Bad Bird" LSR Race Car, to do a install right at SEMA. The client approached us to install a wrap live at the SEMA Auto Expo. The customer wanted us to match a exisiting design that they previously had...
  3. Radical PR6 Prosport gets a Boo Boo - SSC

    European Auto
    We just had one of our clients have one of his customers cars damaged during transport to his shop. We stopped Turbo Hoses in Livermore, CA to see that they had to have the rear end repainted. It was our job to re-install the race graphics that used to be on the vehicle. First thing first, we...