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  1. Travel
    Mother Nature is sometimes more luxurious than Prada. These five-star hotels have it all — fancy suites, seasoned chefs and designer décor, but none of that matters when you’re surrounded by natural beauty. With views like this, you’ll forget about your fancy meal and deep tissue massage...
  2. Real Estate
    If you’re looking for a private, serene place to bring all your millionaire friends for some much-needed R&R, look no further than this amazing St.Lucian villa.Dubbed Caille Blanc Villa, this property holds six individual suites, each with their own private en suite. Outdoor amenities include an...
  3. Travel
    Luxury accommodation is accompanied by gourmet restaurants, lavish spas and most importantly, breathtaking views. Bringing you the sights and sounds of luxury, we’ve compiled a list of 5-star hotels with views of the world’s most stunning national parks and landscapes, guaranteed to awe and...
  4. Real Estate
    Designed by Jim White, Villa Periwinkle looks like a Mediterranean-style luxury escape, reserved for the rich and famous — and it is. Located in St. Lucia 700 feet above sea level, every room in the house comes with a beautiful ocean view, reminding you that money can buy happiness. The only...
  5. Real Estate
    Most of us don’t want to go back to work after we come back from a vacation, especially when we’re waving goodbye to the gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Well if you dread that feeling and have an extra $10 million to spare, this spectacular villa on the West...
  6. Hotels
    Jade Mountain Hotel on the Island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean designed by Nick Troubetzkoy.
1-6 of 6 Results