1. Video: Special Porsche Showcase

    Hi porsche-lovers, just enjoy this video of a very special Porsche showcase: The showcase is equipped with + a 19'' screen + a blueray player (in the first drawer) + several presentation surfaces for the models + a special diorama of the pit lane of the famous racetrack Hockenheimring with...
  2. Armed Services Promotion

    Wheels & Tires
    We have been working very closely with the United States Marine Corps and their staff over the last couple months in preparation for our Toys for Tots Car Show and Cruise event (11-20-11). In the course of the preparation we have learned so much about the core principles of the Marine Corps...
  3. Arash Photographi

    This is some random preview of my work some of them are just cars I spotted some for clients and other for car magazine so If you like my work check out my Facebook page : Arash Sheikholeslami Photography | Facebook Make sure you like it and don't forget to share it Thank you. You can also check...
  4. Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition in Abu Dhabi!

    Few weeks ago I had a shoot at the Koenigsegg dealer in Abu Dhabi and was able to shoot this 1 of 2 Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition. They also had a CCX and 911 GT2 RS on sale.