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  1. Travel
    There is nothing more breathtaking than an African safari. Surrounded by wildlife, you become one with the untamed natural world. Combine wildlife with luxury, and you have the most incredible holiday of a lifetime, especially if you're staying in one of these beautiful places: 1. Ivory Lodge...
  2. Real Estate
    Located on Cape Town, South Africa’s gorgeous coast, Western Cape 8005 is an environmentally friendly masterpiece that comes with a perfect ocean view. In fact, its sophisticated design might even steal the attention away from the beautiful sunsets that adorn Western Cape’s evening skies...
  3. Ferrari
    This was news to me but I am very glad to know we have the 1st 599 GTO produced in South Africa.
  4. Ferrari
    This is a picture I was sent of a Spider in South Africa. You agree with me that it is fitted with Novitec bits and pieces? I configured my own one on their website to compare and I think it's correct?
  5. Ferrari
    I was completely shocked when I was sent a picture of this car and quickly realised that it was not the normal 458 Italia but rather loaded with Oakley Design aerodynamic bits and pieces. Production of the full Oakley 458 was originally limited to 5 but has since been increased to 7 due to...
  6. Supercars
    Got sent these pictures on twitter recently which shows a heavily damaged Nissan GT-R. It was apparently only 2 days old and still had paper number plates on. It lost control and flipped in the rain on the N12 near Klipriver. Airbags are visible on the drivers side and I am happy to report that...
  7. McLaren
    Here is new "Special Project" for a customer in South Africa. This seriously good looking MP4-12C has been given some love in the form of a high gloss black main paint job coupled with the properly bright orange accents. Check more pics here
  8. Ferrari
    A grumpy driver lost focus on the road in South Africa ended up ploughing through a fence into a pole in his 2 month old Ferrari 458 Italia... What a fail!!!! Check it here
1-8 of 8 Results