1. Playstation 4 - Coming Holiday 2013

    I was very suprised not finding a thread about the PS4? That or I'm the suckiest thread searcher ever? If so, please excuse me! :) Here's the full press conference from the other day, 2 hour long: For those who don't have the time to sit and watch it right now, heres some information: Sony...
  2. What do we all think of the Sony NEX-7

    I have an NEX-7 on order and was wondering if people liked the concept. If you don't know about the NEX-7, it's basically a mirrorless camera, but uses a full size aps-c sensor. That sensor supports 24.3 MP, shoots at 10 FPS, shoots video at 1080P at 60 FPS, and has a OLED viewfinder. I'm really...
  3. **FS: BRAND NEW In Box: Sony STR 5400 Home Theater System**

    I have a BRAND NEW, never opened Sony STR-DA5400ES ES 7.1 Channel 840 watt Audio/Video Receiver. It's not refurbished or anything. BRAND NEW! Since it's brand new in box, everything comes with it that is supposed to. The tape hasn't even been tampered with on the box. I'm selling it for a...
  4. FOR SALE: Sony DSR-PD170 & Sony DCR-VX2100 Cameras + Extras

    FOR SALE: Sony DSR-PD170 & Sony DCR-VX2100 Video Cameras + Extras Friend of mine is selling both of his cameras. Good seller. Here's his post i copy and pasted for him.. I have for sale two Sony cameras. Both were used mainly for Wedding Videography I did as a side gig, and both worked great...