1. Classy & Flashy Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in Le Mans Red

    * * Mercedes-Benz’s are no doubt classy but sometimes people just want to be flashy too. After HRE announced that they would bring back polished finishes this particular SLS owner new it was time to spec his HRE’s the way he wanted. For this Le Mans Red Gullwing the choice was P207’s in a...
  2. My video of the #itswhitenoise SLS Black Series at the Drag Strip

    This was actually taken in August at Toronto Motorsports park and I just uploaded it. I've driven the car quite a few times and it is utterly superb in its responses and specialness. I recall a run of 127mpg at 11.4 on Pirelli P-Zero tires. It was hot as hades on this day. What a car! Enjoy my...
  3. The Modern Day Gullwing - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on HRE P101's by Wheels Boutique

    European Auto
    When Mercedes created the 300 SL in the mid 1950’s nobody thought its balance of style, elegance, and performance would ever be duplicated. Speaking from a retrospective position – we were all wrong. Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG, the spiritual successor to the original gullwing, has been a smashing...
  4. New Prior Design Cars! Mercedes SLS, Nissan GTR, Ferrari 458!

    Check out these awesome new Prior Design kits!! Photos from their Monaco Tour 2015! Their new Ferrari 458 Aero Kit - SLS Mercedes Wide Body - Nissan R35 GTR Wide Body [/url]Prior Design PD750 Wide Body Aerodynamic kit for Nissan R35 GTR Lip Bumper Diffusor Side Skirts Widenings Flare...
  5. Prior Design SLS Wide Body Aerodynamic kit

    Check out Prior Design's New SLS Wide Body kit! They've had their eyes on doing an SLS kit for years now, but never put one into production until now. What do we think? You can contact them at 866-997-2336 or at [email protected] [/url]Prior Design Mercedes SLS Wide Body Aero...
  6. MISHA Designs | Mercedes SLS Body Kit | Official Photo Release

    MBZ Here it is! Our Mercedes SLS Body Kit in the flesh. We had a fantastic photo session with the talented photographer, Ted7 by an air strip in Long Beach, California. The weather and sun light was perfect for the stunning red paint finish to pop in the photos. Here's a...
  7. Eurocar's SLS and SLR by KvK- Photography

    A couple weeks ago I teamed up with Eurocar to showcase another awesome set of epic cars. This time we brought out the SLR Mclaren and SLS AMG. both cars are available at Eurocar OC. As always a pleasure working with the Eurocar team, Enjoy the shoot. SLS...
  8. Mini Supercar Gathering - 2 x SLS AMG, MP4-12C, SL63 AMG, McMerc SLR

    Hey all, I thought some of you might enjoy this; I recently spent some time with a couple of awesome supercars: MEC Design SLS AMG with ADV1 Wheels, McLaren MP4-12C Fab Design, SL63 on Forgestar wheels, Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR & another SLS AMG. For you audiophiles, the video does also...
  9. 2011 Mercedes Benz SLS Project Build

    We are working on finalizing our list of the build as we speak. We will update everyone real soon.
  10. Hamann Hawk - SLS and SLS Roadster Widebody Content

    One of our personal favorite's: The Hamann Hawk based on the SLS AMG and SLS AMG Roadster. With a street-able GT3-esque widebody you are guaranteed to turn heads. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves. For any questions or inquirees, or who might be your closest dealer please e-mail me...

  12. NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Brabus Aluminum Paddle Shifters

    One thing lacking in every mercedes is the thrill of big paddles on the back of your steering wheel. Well, Brabus has just released a solution for you! The latest addition of BRABUS tuning upgrades are galvanized aluminum paddle shifters for specific Mercedes-Benz models. SLS (Coupe and...
  13. RENNtech in Playboy Slovenia- Feb 2012

    A RENNtech modified L4P SLR, SLS and SL65 Black Series were featured in the February, 2012 Issue of Playboy International in Slovenia. The photographers from Playboy Slovenia (lucky guys) came out for an all day shoot of these three vehicles both at our Lake Park facilities and at Palm Beach...
  14. Poor SLS AMG - Rain Damage Dealer South Africa

    Hi All, I was sent a few pictures of a Mercedes dealership in Johannesburg South Africa where the rain damaged the dealer and in turn some rather special Mercs. Check out the full link here on my blog Zero 2 Turbo, Mercedes Midrand Dealer Rain Damage
  15. SLS Pulled Over in LA for exceeding 100mph

    y was my other post removed? just as a question im fine with it being removed but why?
  16. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Engine Build Time Laps VIDEO

    One man, one engine. Amazing.
  17. SLS in Designo Magno Allanite Grey (Matte) on Brabus Monoblock F Wheels

    Here we go again! TAG Motorsports just completed this SLS for a very good friend & customer down in Mexico City Its a 2011 SLS finished in the Factory AMG Designo Magno Allanite Grey (Matte). The car needed a bit of extra love so we added a set of the new Ultra Lightweight BRABUS Monoblock F...
  18. SLS: A German piece of beauty on the ring!

    Hey 4players, Filmed this beauty in classy german grey color, on the Nurburgring in Germany. How Deutsch can we go? Enjoy this piece of quality German kraftmachine!