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  1. Asian Auto
    For many years, those of us living in North America who wanted to get our hands on Nissan’s sought after Skyline GT-R had to settle for driving it digitally in the video game world. We admired them from afar for their RB series cast iron six cylinder twin-turbo engines, sophisticated all-wheel...
  2. Asian Auto
    Armytrix Exhaust GT-R R35 MONSTER SOUND, WATCH OUT!!! Unique features: *No idling raspy sound comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system. *Less raspy sound at WOT comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system. *Cleaner and solid exhaust tone comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system...
  3. Asian Auto
    Nissan GTR | Vellano VKS concave f:21x10.5 r:21x12.5 Enjoy our newest GTR car shots ;)
  4. Vintage & Classics
    A great short video of a classic
  5. Asian Auto
    You might have seen this pictures through some of the links in the other post that AllanLambo posted. I wanted to share these pictures from my perspective. I've always wanted to shoot an R34 GT-R so when given the opportunity I wanted to give the car the respect it deserves. Anyhow shot these...
  6. Asian Auto
    Saw a blue Nissan GTR the other day. I typically see these in red, white, silver, or black. Never seen a blue one (ever) so I figured I'd share it... Also, I hear there's a new blue coming out for 2012 for the GTR. Anyone have more insight on that? ***Note: I edited the video title and video...
  7. Arts and Entertainment
    A member on here posted a link to the trailer\teaser a while back. He was doing some of the CGI I believe. Anyone remember him? Just want to say congrats,the movie looks amazing! I'm eager to see it when it comes out.
1-8 of 9 Results