1. This 911 964 ‘DLS’ is Literally the Best Porsche Ever

    When we first learned  Porsche  restomod specialists Singer had teamed up with  Formula 1 team Williams on a new project, we knew the resulting car would be impressive. The two companies today unveiled their Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) Porsche 911, and we’re happy to say it...
  2. Singer Teams up With F1’s Williams For 500 HP Naturally Aspirated 911

    Porsche  restorations specialists Singer have teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to produce a new, extremely light weight flat-six  engine  that will make up to 500 horsepower. Singer is remaining tight lipped on the project, however it revealed the engine will displace 4.0-liters and...
  3. Would You Rather: Porsche 911 by Singer OR Eagle Low Drag GT?

    Last week’s battle of two German sports sedans saw the stalwart BMW M3 snatch victory from the upstart Mercedes-AMG 63 . This week, however, we’re going a bit old school. Sort of... A small company in Los Angeles called Singer has recently made quite a name for itself taking old Porsche 911s...
  4. This Porsche 911 Targa Is the Classiest Redesign We've Ever Seen

    California-based design house Singer really knows how to bring the most out of their redesigns of the Porsche 911. And they’re only getting better as time goes by with this "Porsche 911 Targa Reimagined by Singer." Singer has shied away from the Targa, typically working on coupes instead...
  5. Six Figure Singer x DC Performance Los Angeles x Apex Speed = One Badass Porsche

    I am proud to show off this project to the L4P community! This badass “Reimagined by Singer” machine is based on the 964 model, 911 chasis of 1990-1994. Boasting a more sophisticated platform than past restorations by Singer, this gem is painted Singer Racing Silver with a Ruby Red interior...