1. NW Photographer - Jonathan Ray Photography

    Aviation Photos: Be sure to check out My Facebook Fan Page for more photos!
  2. Paint Protection Film Promotion thru Nov. 30th

    Just in time for the holidays: $100 OFF Paint Protection Film Installs until November 30th! Is your car ready for winter? Protect your vehicle from diminished value by protecting your car from rock chips, other road debris and even parking lot scuffs by installing a great looking install...
  3. C L K D T M T T S: The 9 Consonant Photoshoot

    What do these 9 consonants mean you ask? No its not code, its just some of the coolest German cars ever that happen to inhabit my office :D We took a littttle too long to find a good location and we lost most of our light but all things considered I figured you still wouldn't mind looking...
  4. NWAS Details: An original paint 1967 Citroen 2CV Oxidation Removal Paint Restoration

    European Auto
    Paint Correction and Oxidation Removal Detail on Citroen 2CV | NorthWest Auto Salon Check out this detail we did and look at the results we were able to bring back from the original single stage (no clear) paint job on this vintage French car.
  5. NorthWest Auto Salon's NEW Customer Loaner Vehicle

    Should make life easier for all those on the eastside or need a car during the days we are doing the detail work. Inquire within!:clap: